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I cried, letting the tears free fall from my eyes openly. I’d put all of my trust into Charice and she was working with Erik against me this whole time. After a minute, I realized that it was Rafiq hugging me. I sobbed into his shoulder, closing my eyes tightly and hanging onto him like life support. I could feel my mother patting my back gently, trying her best to comfort me while she herself was in tears.


But they didn’t understand the unspoken puzzle that was being put together in my brain. I was crying for more reasons than one. I was not sure if my father would be okay. I didn’t know if Cole would ever be the same again. My mother was completely stressed out and she, as well as my unborn sister or brother, could now be in serious danger. I was afraid of Erik even more now because I’d realized that he doesn’t take his threats lightly. I was also scared out of my wits because I didn’t know who would get hurt next. And most of all, the fact that this was all because of me is what wouldn’t allow the tears to stop spilling from my eyes.

Diamonds & Pearls

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CHAPTER TWENTY THREE-Witnessing the Impossible

            The more my life goes on, the more I realize that it is our most trying moments that define us. When we find ourselves in peril or our lives falling to pieces, the way we handle ourselves in those moments end up defining us in the end.  When we reach our weakest point, it is our choice to keep moving forward or to let ourselves fall to ruin. I am just finding out what a hard choice that can be. As we drove to the hospital, not knowing the true situation of my father’s wellbeing, I could feel myself falling apart. So many emotions were eating me up alive; pain, sadness, grief, guilt, and worry. I just needed to see my father. I needed to know for sure that he was alright.

            Zayna was driving silently, one hand on the wheel, the other resting on her cheek. She was worried: I could tell by the way she constantly tapped on the steering wheel. It was a nervous tick that both Zayna and Zayan shared. It’s how I could always tell when they were scared, nervous, or anxious. Noor was driving in a car behind us, following us to the hospital. Rafiq had called them when Ummi and I were trying to calm ourselves down. Ummi had been in no shape to drive whatsoever.

            You know, I guess that’s why Allah made men our opposites. As women we’re naturally more emotional and sometimes when our emotions are raging, we can’t think straight. Men on the other hand have a stricter rein on their emotions. They know that there is a time for you to set your emotions free and a time for action. Rafiq did his job in our moment of need and got things moving. He put things into action. Men and women were made differently for a reason; to balance each other out. There is no weakness in that, just an amazing blessing.

            I could hear Ummi’s silent sniffles as we drove, although she tried her best to mask them. I sat in the seat behind her trying my best to stay quiet as I cried. But no matter how hard we tried to mask our fear, the feelings of dread and worry were thick in the air.  Rafiq sat in the seat by the opposite window, glaring at the passing buildings. His rough hand was holding mine firmly, trying to be supportive. I knew he was scared. Rafiq loves Abi so much. Although Rafiq’s dad is a great person, he and Raf have a very rocky relationship. It’s mainly because his dad disapproves of him boxing. He hates what Rafiq loves and I know it hurts him. My dad has always tried to support Rafiq when his dad put him down about it. Rafiq would never forget that. It is one of the reasons he loves my dad so much. He doesn’t mind him being who he is.

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