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You're a weakness and I hate weaknesses but I gave in when it came to you.

I glared at the ground, unable to get Cole's voice out of my head. I tried to empty my mind of him but it wasn't working in the least. I made du'aa for Allah to keep me strong in this but no matter how hard I tried, Cole's words continued to bounce around in my skull.

So what is it that you feel for me because I know it's something?

“I know it's something too.” I whispered to myself. My lips tingled as my mind went back to that kiss. I felt guilty for thinking about what would have happened if I had allowed myself to enjoy it, if I had responded to Cole's touch instead of fighting him off.

A hard set of chills passed through me and it wasn't because of the freezing winds that were slicing through my clothes...

I did the right thing, I reassured myself firmly. I know I did.


Diamonds & Pearls

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CHAPTER EIGHTEEN- Being Honest Isn't Easy

We all sat at the table eating dinner. That included me, Ummi, Abi, Zayan, Zayna, Noor, Rafiq, Juwayrah, and Ahmed. It was a very tense dinner and no one really spoke for the most part. “I have something I want to say.” Abi stated, putting down his fork. Everyone looked up from their plates. “I know that there are a few bad feelings between some of us.” He announced, looking from Zayan to Ahmed, both of whom lowered their eyes to their food. “But tomorrow two people will be coming together as husband and wife. That is something to celebrate, not sulk about.”

Everybody quietly agreed. “If you didn’t understand the message, Zayan and Ahmed, that means you need to talk and work this out before the wedding. Let go of whatever happened in the past. Muslims are supposed to love one another for the sake of Allah and I will not tolerate the behavior that occurred at Rafiq and Daleela's coming of age party. You are basically men now so you need to learn to act like it. Do you understand me?” Ummi snapped sternly. We all looked at her in surprise. I don't know about anybody else but I think the baby has been making my mother's emotions a little more...powerful.

“Yes Ummi,” Zayan mumbled.

“Yes Sister Khadijah.” Ahmed said respectfully. It was kind of funny how they acted like scolded children.

“Alright, shake hands please.” Ummi said, folding her arms over her belly. Both Zayan and Ahmed grimaced before standing, shaking hands, and stiffly sitting back down. My mother smiled sincerely. “Now let's enjoy this meal and being in the company of each other.” She said, taking hold of my father's hand. He squeezed it lightly.

We talked and ate but the gloomy air that surrounded Juwayrah, Zayan, and Ahmed was there no matter how we tried to ignore it. I finished my food and so did everyone else besides Zayan and Juwayrah. Just as everyone prepared to leave the table, Zayan spoke up.

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