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Infinite Union by ThermoNuclearWarhead
Infinite Unionby Ka_Boom
Union. The academy to go to if you want to be a hunter, hero, or use your demonic powers for good. Promises to treat everyone as equal beings. It's amazing. But, every g...
The Monster You Made by 3R3NY3A63R
The Monster You Madeby Eren Jaeger
There was once a boy full of hope. All he wanted was to be a hero and to help those in need. Yet he is mistreated by most all because he had no semblance, quirk or some...
From Hated Boy to Godlike Kahn by LoganW21406-1
From Hated Boy to Godlike Kahnby LoganW21406-1
Y/n L/n was treated like the scourge of his world, and all because he lacks any superpower or super abilities. His parents abandoned him, people beat him at every opport...
This Story is full of lemon and cocking.
with the large knowledge of gods known, very few God's are unknown. but (Y/n) is one of them. (Y/n) was once a Mortal who was mistreated and discovered the power of Ki a...
Don't Take A Interest In Me Now  by Hirolegend34
Don't Take A Interest In Me Now by Hiro The Legend
Hiro Shizuki a student at Union Academy he was decent in every thing he did but it never seem to live up to the expectations of others bullies would pick on him but he'd...
The H'riko Chef by Tempest68
The H'riko Chefby Tempest68
A normal kid with a normal life, all he wanted to do was run his mothers restaurant. Ever since he was a baby, he has been in the kitchen more then school, a playground...
The Production carftsmen by Hirolegend34
The Production carftsmenby Hiro The Legend
Hiro Shizuki a small shota about four feet and five inches tall and is quite mistaken for a girl because of his feminine like face but he tried to get into Union Academy...
Gamer in different world by KRrin0
Gamer in different worldby Rinrin
Y/n L/n. A normal teenager who like anime. One day after he finished one of one piece episode and goes to sleep, he suddenly wake up in unfamiliar forest with gamer syst...
Not Coming Back(Union Academy)(ON HOLD) by AlstonChanAlstonChan
Not Coming Back(Union Academy)(ON...by Ask
Max is born without quirk,sacred gear,semblance and weapons.He got bullied and abused by most of the students and his family.Teachers and headmasters doesn't care about...
The Beast You Created (Male Ragna Reader X Crossover) by SuperSaiyanJayden
The Beast You Created (Male Ragna...by Àngel Beats
Betrayed by those he cared about, Y/n stands alone in the world where everyone has some sort of power. Not Y/n... He was made fun of and beaten because he was a powerles...
Let The Madness Begin(Crossover x Hank Reader) by Metroid99
Let The Madness Begin(Crossover x...by Metroid99
Union Academy a place that trains Hunters, heroes, shonobi and even the supernatural. On the outside this school seemed perfect and welcoming to all who wanted to train...
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The Avarian Empire by Redcon183
The Avarian Empireby Soldat
Ah. Union Academy. A wonderful school which trains people to become inspiring heroes. At least, it you have a semblance, quirk, etc. 18-year-old Y/N L/N lacks any of it...
The Neglected Café owner by HaiseAWE
The Neglected Café ownerby Haise Arca
The Café owner named Y/N L/N also known the Fixer. He is nothing special he said because of powers it's not good for the society but nonetheless he strong person. He run...
the god of the monsters of Union (op Abused Male Reader x Union Academy)  by Omnigoji
the god of the monsters of Union (...by omni godzilla 9000
(y/n) (l/n) lived on earth, where 99%of the population had powers like quirks, semblances, sacred gears, ninja arts. Etc the best of these people with powers go to union...
Tell Me when you look in my eyes what do you see? by Hirolegend34
Tell Me when you look in my eyes w...by Hiro The Legend
Hiro a boy with no emotions lost his parents was constantly bullied but never fought back due to it not mattering to him he is recommended to Union Academy after a cert...
I am the Ultimate Evil Ogudomon!!!!! by Hirolegend34
I am the Ultimate Evil Ogudomon...by Hiro The Legend
Hiro was a boy who wanted to be a hero but all that changed when he entered Union Academy he was neglected bullied and left alone his family didn't care for him his sibl...
Y/N Sparda vs Union(Bullied male Dante reader x Union crossover) by DJMM15
Y/N Sparda vs Union(Bullied male D...by Vortex’s Multiverse
Verse City one the most peaceful places of all time also the place we're the best heroes/huntsman/Ninja/I.S pilots/Supernatural beings/Magus come from there you can find...
Y/N Rose's Yandere Harem by PatrickEstvo
Y/N Rose's Yandere Haremby Patrick Estêvão
(Male Ruby Rose Reader X Yandere Crossover Harem) Y/N Rose is a young boy who attracted various women. Unfortunately most of them are dangerous and obsessive. They will...
Union's Fool or Clown? (Male reader x Union Academy) by Tomfoolery_
Union's Fool or Clown? (Male reade...by Tomfoolery_
Ruby"justice will be swift!" (Y/n)"justice will be painful" Ruby"it will be, delicious!" (Y/n)"oh yay..."