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The Beast You Created (Male Ragna Reader X Crossover) by SuperSaiyanJayden
The Beast You Created (Male Ragna...by Felli Cheese Steak
Betrayed by those he cared about, Y/n stands alone in the world where everyone has some sort of power. Not Y/n... He was made fun of and beaten because he was a powerles...
Unity Academy! by WAMred
Unity Academy!by William_Meaux
A young man became the founder a school called Unity Academy which is a rival school to Union. However unlike Union, Unity is full of true heroes with little to no corru...
From Hated Boy to Godlike Kahn by LoganW21406-1
From Hated Boy to Godlike Kahnby LoganW21406-1
Y/n L/n was treated like the scourge of his world, and all because he lacks any superpower or super abilities. His parents abandoned him, people beat him at every opport...
The Ultimate and Supreme Warrior  by Hirolegend34
The Ultimate and Supreme Warrior by Hiro The Legend
Hiro aka Gogeta a fat and chubby kid who went to Union academy but was bullied and neglected and cheated on because he was useless the headmasters expelled him he return...
The New God of War by Jair900
The New God of Warby Hybridslayer2000
Yn is student at union academy but he was powerless he was bullied and his girlfriends cheated on him with his bullies till he was expelled Yn screamed in the sky and he...
One's a loser now the strongest in the world(Op Male Reader x crossover harem) by DJMM15
One's a loser now the strongest in...by Masked writer
He was the only one in the entire world that was born without power no quirk,no ninja skills,no aura,no sacred gear,no life fiber,no magic crest and no power Y/N L/N was...
The Evolving Hero and the Ruler of the Abyss (Union Academy x Abyss Sans) by adamabyss12
The Evolving Hero and the Ruler of...by adamabyss12
"I had thought...I had believed...I had hoped that...because you are heroes...you would care more about the lives of others, regardless of what and who they are, an...
Union X Male Reader New Spirit Detetive by Alphamon52
Union X Male Reader New Spirit Det...by ranger gamer
Similar to my verse with devil may cry but with yu yu hakusho Enjoy
Union Academy X Male Reader Son Of Dante by Alphamon52
Union Academy X Male Reader Son Of...by ranger gamer
A crossover of different animes that i love watching end of one of my favorite game franchises devil may cry enjoy
with the large knowledge of gods known, very few God's are unknown. but (Y/n) is one of them. (Y/n) was once a Mortal who was mistreated and discovered the power of Ki a...
Tell Me when you look in my eyes what do you see? by Hirolegend34
Tell Me when you look in my eyes w...by Hiro The Legend
Hiro a boy with no emotions lost his parents was constantly bullied but never fought back due to it not mattering to him he is recommended to Union Academy after a cert...
Yandere Union Harem by B_nation1
Yandere Union Haremby BHW
a yandere harem oh this must be one of those shitty yandere books- typical reader but what if the man guy was stronger than all of them and he was the one in charge inst...
the god of the monsters of Union (op Abused Male Reader x Union Academy)  by DezsoTeo
the god of the monsters of Union (...by omni godzilla 9000
(y/n) (l/n) lived on earth, where 99%of the population had powers like quirks, semblances, sacred gears, ninja arts. Etc the best of these people with powers go to union...
Y/N Sparda vs Union(Bullied male Dante reader x Union crossover) by DJMM15
Y/N Sparda vs Union(Bullied male D...by Masked writer
Verse City one the most peaceful places of all time also the place we're the best heroes/huntsman/Ninja/I.S pilots/Supernatural beings/Magus come from there you can find...
Union's Fool or Clown? (Male reader x Union Academy) by Tomfoolery_
Union's Fool or Clown? (Male reade...by Tomfoolery_
Ruby"justice will be swift!" (Y/n)"justice will be painful" Ruby"it will be, delicious!" (Y/n)"oh yay..."
Gamer in different world  by KRrin0
Gamer in different world by
Y/N is a normal teenager who suddenly wake up in unfamiliar forest.What will Y/N do? well....read it This is my first time writing this also English is not my main langu...
He Who Watches and the God of the Anti-Void (Righteous!Error x Union Academy) by adamabyss12
He Who Watches and the God of the...by adamabyss12
(This story is a sequel, taking place after the Abyss Sans Story) "I-It is very amaz-azing how one can cha-change, by the most disastrous of decisions, and the most...
Let The Madness Begin(Crossover x Hank Reader) by Metroid99
Let The Madness Begin(Crossover x...by Metroid99
Union Academy a place that trains Hunters, heroes, shonobi and even the supernatural. On the outside this school seemed perfect and welcoming to all who wanted to train...
The Mad Dog of Union *Hiatus* by FireRogueWolf25
The Mad Dog of Union *Hiatus*by Oliver vazquez
Jaune Arc the leader of Team JNPR of Union is missing. After agreeing to help Mei with one of her inventions he disappeared. But in actuality he ended up in the world of...
Bullied Male Reader (Union Academy) by LainKraft
Bullied Male Reader (Union Academy)by Furude
Y/n L/n a bullied up nerd like they said being harassed around he could only find pity on how these called heroes become these days Come and take look.