Diamonds & Pearls

Before You Read: Hey guys! Quick reminder here! If you're delaying a prayer right now to read this story, stop whatever you're doing and go pray! Don't let anything take you away from Allah. Especially not this story. Now if you're all prayed up, go ahead and enjoy this chapter.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN-A Muslim Girl's Honor

I sat in a dimly lit room waiting to be questioned. Although Abi had argued that this was going too far, I felt bad about withholding information so I decided that I should go. I told them as soon as I woke up about what had happened at the school. I could tell they were both slightly disappointed that I hadn't said anything earlier but they didn't fuss, they just hugged me tightly out of worry. I was grateful to them for going easy on me. I think they saw that I was stressed enough.

A woman entered the small room and sat down across from me. Why did I suddenly feel like I was in the middle of a Criminal Minds episode? I also felt a little queasy since I was nervous and fasting.

“Hi Daleela, My name is Sherrie Laine. I just want to ask you a few questions and I need you to answer honestly.” She said with an airy smile. Sherrie seemed to be in her thirties and she had soft wrinkles at the outer corner of her eyes. Her dark blond hair was slicked back into a tight bun and she wore a navy blue pants suit.

“Okay,” I replied quietly. My voice sounded pretty weak compared to how I'd hoped it would.

“Now, I was told that you were the one who helped save your classmate, Cole Brackson. Is this information correct?” She asked, talking a little too slowly, as if I had a problem understanding English.

“Yes,” I said, playing with my fingers.

“Can I ask you why you two were in a stall together?” Sherrie said, folding her hands together as she waited for an answer. She seemed to be judging me about something and I tried not to get upset about the way she'd said what she said. She was speaking as if we had been in the stall doing something...bad.

“I was going to use the bathroom and I couldn't find a clean stall. When I got to the last stall and opened the door, Cole pulled me inside and told me to stay quiet.” I responded, shifting uncomfortably in my seat.

“Why did he tell you to stay quiet?” She asked suspiciously, writing on a small piece of paper.

“I think he knew that those men were chasing him.” I said, trying to recall past events. All of this had occurred weeks ago after all.

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