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Diamonds & Pearls

CHAPTER ONE-The Love That Bloomed

        I slowly opened my eyes and yawned. Peeking at the clock briefly with one eye open, I turned over to go back to sleep. Then it hit me. Ya Allah! I was going to be late for my sister's walimah. I must have been out of my mind to have slept this long after getting home from school. It was six o'clock already. I sat up and threw my covers back, quickly swinging my legs over the side of the bed. How could I have forgotten such an important day! I ran across the hall to the bathroom, already running my fingers through my coarse hair in attempt at untangling it. It was of course no use. I turned on the shower, brushing my teeth while the water began to heat up. A few minutes later, I jumped into the shower and scrubbed like my life depended on it. It was the shortest shower I had ever taken. I dried myself and put on a set of blue pajamas.

            I made my way back in my room and ran into the closet. I looked at my jilbabs and groaned. I still had yet to pick an outfit for my sister’s wedding. I know, I'm being a terrible sister today. What can I say, ish happens. After I dug through my clothes for ten minutes, my eye caught sight of an abayah I had never seen before. It was beautiful and matched the color theme of my sister’s wedding party. It had a note attached to the hanger. Of course it was from my mother.

  Woke up late didn't you? I bought this a few days ago.

 It's ironed and ready to wear. I've gone out with your father

 to finish the final preparations. Make sure you're on time to

 help your older sister get ready. Oh and eat some pancakes,

 they're on the table.

 You're welcome,


 P.S. Don't forget your dress for the walimah.

            Goodness gracious, I love that woman. I sighed with relief and laughed, very much amused. Mothers truly are a gift we should thank God for every day. They carry us for nine months, go through a tremendous amount of pain to give birth to us, and when we think we're adults they still save our butts. Heaven lies at your mother's feet for a reason. There is no repayment for all she's done for you and it's moments like this that reminds me of that the most.

            I put on the abaya and looked at myself in the mirror. It was a beautiful pink dress with silver stitching around the edges. I loved the way it mirrored my style with perfection. My mother knew what she was doing when she picked this one out. I snapped out of my daze and ran to the bathroom mirror with a light pink and gray scarf. I straightened my hair, curled it, and then pulled it back into a neat bun. Afterward, I wrapped my headscarf gently, so that my curls wouldn't be affected too badly. As soon as I put my last hijab pin in place, my cell phone rang. I ran back into my room and scooped it off the bed.

            "Assalamu Alaikum," I said breathlessly. I took a second to take in some oxygen as I waited for a response.

            "Wa alaikum assalam Daleela, Ummi told me to pick you up. I'm almost at the house." My brother Zayan said. "I hope you're actually dressed this time."

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