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          And that's when I felt it; a vibration in the back of my jean pocket. The sound of my phone turning on met my ears. My eyes widened and I sat still in shock. Impossible, I thought. I was so sure they'd have taken it from me. But surely enough, underneath my jilbab, in my jean pocket was my cellphone. I could feel the lump under my butt, I realized. "Idiots," I chuckled before breaking out into a fit of laughter. They're all stupid, I thought as I continued to laugh like I was going crazy. Hell, I probably already had.

        A guard re-entered the room and sat in a chair far from me. He stared at me as I laughed before muttering, "Crazy b***h" and turning his attention to a magazine. I had to come up with a plan but the only problem I had now was actually removing the phone from my pocket and being alone long enough to do something with it. I had no time to waste. My battery could die at any moment and I wouldn't get another chance like this.

        "Bismillah," I whispered determinedly.

Diamonds & Pearls

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CHAPTER THIRTY-Ain't No Sunshine

         "Hey!" I shouted for the fifth time to the man sleeping in a chair across the room. He jumped up, his magazine flying across the concrete. When he realized I was the one who woke him, he scowled heavily before slumping back into his seat in preparation to sleep again. "I said hey!" I shouted once again.

          "What?" He snapped at me angrily. I began to squirm around.

"I need to use the restroom right now." I whined, trying to sound extra annoying. "I haven't gone in hours and I can't hold it anymore."

He stood up finally and I hadn't realized how terribly huge the man was. He stomped over to where I was and snatched at the ropes holding me until they were finally undone. I was yanked from the floor and for a moment, I had trouble gaining my footing. My legs were weak, my stomach was empty, and my head was spinning to the point where I could barely see. Instead of steadying me, the huge man dragged me out of the large room and I blindly attempted to keep up. I could barely remember how we had gotten to the bathroom but we were there in a few moments.

I was held by the back of the neck with my hands bound in front of me before he pushed me into the bathroom. "Hurry up, you've got five minutes." He growled, sounding like an angry bear. I held my bound hands up in front of me.

"I can't use the bathroom like this. It's impossible to clean properly." I murmured, feigning embarrassment over my fake predicament.

"Four minutes," He grinned evilly, a gold tooth gleaming in the back of his mouth. I wanted to curse at him but instead, I bumped the door closed with my hip. I had to do this quickly. I looked around the bathroom frantically. I was in need of something, anything, to fight with. Then my eyes caught sight of the hole in the wall beside the toilet. I turned on both of the faucets in front of me before rushing to the hole in the wall. A rusted piece of pipe jutted from the open space. I grabbed it tightly and pulled, propping my foot on the wall beside the hole. It made a loud creak and I paused in my actions, my heart beating so fast I could feel it in my throat. I waited a few seconds but no one burst through the door to catch me. I took a deep breath and then continued to pull with every ounce of my strength. The effort was dizzying and made me feel nauseous. Unfortunately, I had not been getting much to eat from my captors. Just when I though all of my efforts were for naught, the pipe gave way with a deep groan.

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