Previously: Diamonds & Pearls (16)-I've Been Charmed

            “Do I know you?” I asked carefully as I looked him up and down, attempting to recognize the mystery man.

            “Ah, you were too young to remember me.” He mumbled then looked at me. “Come on, think really hard. I'll feel bad if you don't remember me.” He pouted playfully. My brows knitted together in confusion.

             Um...I don't know who you are, sorry.” I said, staring at him like he was crazy.

             He nodded. “That's only fair.” He said, putting a hand to his lips as he thought. “I'll give you a hint, who do I look like to you?”

            Obviously this guy thought this was some kind of amusing game. I stared at him for a long while before my brain clicked. I gasped out loud, almost dropping my plate. He couldn't be him but inside I knew that it could be and it was truly him. “You're Ahmed? Like Isa's older brother Ahmed?” I questioned, unsure of myself. He smirked and I knew that I was right.

             “Bingo! Nice to see you again little one.” He said with a chuckle. “It's been quite a while.”

Diamonds & Pearls

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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN-Battling Desire Under a Waterfall Of Temptation

            My sixteenth birthday was beautiful in more ways than one but it was also complete chaos if you look at it from my point of view. All of my guests might have a totally different perspective because they couldn't see behind the scenes. When Ahmed showed up, I should have known that everything was going to go downhill from there. I'm pretty sure you will understand exactly what I mean in a moment.

            “What are you doing here?” I whispered frantically, my eyes going straight to Zayan who stood across the yard with Zayna.

            “Am I not welcome here? I thought I was invited.” Ahmed said with a shrug, picking up a glass of sparkling cider from a nearby table. He took a long swig, emptying the glass of its contents. “Delicious,” He mumbled, licking his lips.

            “Well this is kind of my party and I did not invite you. Can you please come back some other time?” I said firmly, glaring up at him. He smirked at me like I was a joke. This guy was nothing like Isa.

            “No can do pretty lady seeing as I wish to join the festivities as well. Happy birthday, or coming of age day or whatever.” He mumbled, toasting the air with another glass of cider. “Adios!”

            He turned and left me standing where I was. What was I supposed to do now? I placed a hand onto my forehead and began walking back and forth. When I finally stopped, I was even more stressed than before. Someone's arms were suddenly wrapped around me from behind. I jumped in panic. “Chill it's me.” Rafiq said with a chuckle.

            “You scared me!” I snapped in annoyance, trying to break free of his hug. I couldn't make him budge.

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