Hey guys, I know you're sitting here like what the bleep? Chapter 13.2? Erm well yeah, about that...this bit had too much information in it to just be a oneshot in Pure Love so I decided to make it chapter 13.2 of this story. Originally this story was only supposed to be Daleela's POV but I had to add this for a reason. Here is Cole's POV that you guys requested so much :) Enjoy lovely peoples!


Cole Brackson

“Ma, are you gonna be okay?" I asked, preparing to leave the house with my two younger brothers. I put on Kale's jacket. He was already seven years old and the arms of his jacket were much too high on him. All of my siblings needed new clothes; Kale, Rode, and Clover. I had to get them something to wear soon. It's winter time and very chilly already. I'd need another job immediately because I knew that my bastard of a step father wouldn't do anything more than feed my mother and Clover. That was only because he didn't want to look like a total arse in front of his clients. Kale, Rode, and I aren't his children anyway. Therefore we're not part of his 'image' and he feels he doesn't need to care for us.

“Yeah sweety, I'll be fine.” She replied, her green eyes sad. “I'll try and get Rode and Kale a coat when I go out. I have a little money saved from last month.”

“Ma,” I said placing a hand on her cheek. “Don't worry, I'll get the money for that. Save what you have and just keep Clover close to you.”

“I should get a job.” She said with tears in her eyes. I knew she felt terrible that her sixteen year old was working so hard for the family she thought she should be providing for.

“No, you know how he is. He won't let you.” I said softly. “I'll get everything you need. I can take care of us.” I kissed her cheek briefly and then went to my sister as to avoid upsetting my mother more.

“Are you leaving?” Clover asked sleepily. I nodded and kissed her forehead.

“Yeah I'm leaving Clove, but I'm going to come back.” I said gently. She surprised me with a hug, her small arms amazingly tight around my neck.

“Don't leave. You come back hurt.” She said with a soft sniffle, her grip tightening.

“Aw Clove, come on. Don't be like that. I have to take care of you guys.” I said, pulling away to face her. “I'm gonna be fine. So stay close to mommy okay. You promise?” I whispered, pressing my nose against hers.

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