Diamonds & Pearls

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CHAPTER FIVE- The Big Decision

         It had been exactly eight days since I'd stood up to Asia and her friends for the sake of Nisa. We had become much closer since then. This event caused me to gain quite a few enemies I must admit. Although I didn't care much about the attitudes that I got throughout the day, Nisa did. We sat together at lunch and she couldn't stop going on about it.

         “But Daleela, they're your friends right? You stood up for me and now they're being mean to you.” She said with a shake of her head. “You don't have to give up your friends for me.”

        “Nisa, don't sweat it. They were never really friends of mine anyway. I apologized to them already and they're still acting stupid. That's their problem, you know? There is nothing more to say.” I replied with a sigh. She still looked troubled. I placed a hand on her arm gently. “Stop worrying so much. Look at my face. No worries.” I said, imitating a relaxed facial expression.

        “Haha, okay, I'll shut up about it.” She said with a laugh.

        “Oh Nisa, do you want to come to my house on Saturday?” I asked as I pulled out a math assignment.

        “Really? I have to ask my parents first but sure.” Nisa said with a huge smile. She looked down at my math sheet. “Daleela, seriously? You're doing math at lunch.”

        “I don't want any homework when I get home.” I replied with a shrug.

        “Ah, that's actually kind of smart.”

        “Mhmm,” I nodded.

* * *

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