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We went into the house and I hurried upstairs, preparing to unpin my hijab. I ran straight into a wall and nearly fell down the stairs. The wall grabbed me and placed me steady on my feet. I looked up and it definitely was not a wall. I literally wanted to dive back down the stairs. “W-what are you-”

“If I hadn't grabbed you, you would have fell down the stairs.” Cole responded in awkward defense of touching me. I was stricken speechless by him being here.

“Right,” I said, looking at him sideways. “Why are you in my house?”

“I came to see Rafiq.” He replied hastily. “Can I get by, you're in the way.”

“Rude much...” I grumbled, stepping aside. Cole gave me a weird look before running back downstairs and disappearing around a corner. I stared after him in bewilderment.

 Um... can someone tell me what the bleep just happened?

Diamonds & Pearls

Before You Read: Hey guys! Quick reminder here! If you're delaying a prayer right now to read this story, stop whatever you're doing and go pray! Don't let anything take you away from Allah. Especially not this story. Now if you're all prayed up, go ahead and enjoy this chapter.

CHAPTER NINETEEN-Dancing in a Blizzard

I sat in a dress shop trying not to look bored as my friends shopped for their winter dance outfits. So far no one had found a dress and I had to get to work soon. “How does this one look?” Charice asked, spinning around in a black and white feather dress. I made a face.

“I think the second one you came out in was the best. That one doesn't suit you at all.” I stated bluntly. Charice sighed. “Wait, unless you like it...” I started apologetically.

“No, it looked better on the rack. I just needed a second opinion.” She replied.

I stood up and walked over to another rack. “What about this one Char?” I asked, holding up a sky blue dress. Her eyes widened considerably.

“Oh my god!” She squeaked loudly.

“What is it?” I asked in alarm, glancing back at it..

“That's it, Daleela. That's the dress. Thank you so much!” Charice squealed, completely ecstatic She hugged me tightly and I hugged her back in shock.

“'re welcome.” I replied with a laugh. Charice smiled brightly and I handed her the dress. She hurried back into the dressing room. Jade came out in a gorgeous, shorter dress. It was a mix of purples and blues with an elegant strapless cut. The dress looked unbelievable on her.

“How does it look?” Jade asked, fidgeting around as she waited for an answer.

“That dress is the one. It looks amazing Jade!” I exclaimed, trying to stop myself from jumping up and down. Jade smiled. Charice came out in her dress and they both gasped, staring at each other.

“You look amazing!” They said in unison. I smiled at them brightly before clapping my hands together.

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