Chapter 30

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Watch first. Listen after while reading. It's great.

Kylo Ren's POV

"You're a monster!"

I let that comment slide. My priority right now was taking back what was mine. As I eyed my grandfather's lightsaber, sweat dripped between my eyes, blurring my vision a little.

"It's just us now! Han Solo isn't here to save you."

How literal that was. I chuckled despite the lousy situation I was in. Starkiller Base was slowly collapsing and I had to get out of here as quickly as possible. I grunted and with a newfound energy, pushed Rey away. She slammed into a tree a few meters away with a scream.

The traitor whipped his head back to look at me. I tried to suppress the smirk on my face. This was too easy. The blue energy from the lightsaber lit up his face. He swung like an amateur at me, but I easily deflected them, although I was slightly unprepared for his sudden strength.

He swung again so I parried before returning the favor. I watched as his figure squirmed in the snow before getting up again. Another swing and I barely missed his head. The tree sizzled with contact from my lightsaber.

'Once more ', I told myself and this would all be over.

He made another move and I easily countered. Time seemed to slow as I watched his weapon fly through the air to embed itself in the snow behind me.

I turned around. The traitor was in a sort of daze with his back turned to me.

Time for this boy to die.

_ _ _

Finn's POV

I staggered as the weapon flew from my grip. I was disoriented now and glanced at Rey's motionless body while trying to regain my senses. I remembered making a promise to myself. A promise that I would protect Rey.

'Have I done it?'

'No, and you never will. '

A moment later, something made contact with my back. At first, I didn't feel anything but numbed. Then, a fieriness I didn't know existed exploded in my body. I thought I screamed her name.

_ _ _

Rey's POV

My vision was blurred when I managed to prop myself against a tree. My whole body ached, and there was something nagging me at the back of my mind. A figure...some person.


I looked up from the snow and squinted. I couldn't make anything out until I saw the red lightsaber flying through the air.

'Where's the blue one?'

Then I realized when I saw something fall onto the snow. I had to get up. I had to help Finn. I had to make sure Han Solo didn't die in vain. I had to stop Kylo Ren, the man who took Ben from me.

Kylo's back was turned away from me. Something pulled at me and it felt almost... familiar.

I instinctively reached out a hand towards where the pull came from. I was almost pushed back by the slew of visions that attacked me. A fire seemed to echo through my arms.


It was the same voice that I had heard at Maz Kanata's castle. I heard my name again before a sharp whipping sound flew towards me. I looked up and caught my master's lightsaber just in time. I looked at it in shock before fumbling to turn it on. At this point, I was truly frightened. Kylo stared at me with more hatred than I thought possible in a human.

'He's a human no longer ', I told myself.

This thought evaporated when I saw a hint of fear in his eyes. Anger welled up in me when I thought of Ben trapped inside the wretched body standing before me. I clenched my teeth and swung hard at Kylo several times, but he deflected each one. He suddenly veered to my left and the lightsaber followed. The air crackled as the tree behind him fell from my blow. We were in the rock clefts. Now Kylo was the one advancing towards me with heavy strikes. I desperately parried, but my energy was dwindling again. 

The trees behind me started to fall, causing snow to rise up in a storm.


The Wookie needed me. I needed him. But the loss of Han Solo had probably hit him in the most. We needed to get back to the Resistance with the others. And Finn. I couldn't see his body anymore. Hopefully I could survive this encounter and bring him back to the base for treatment. Everything blurred as Kylo's lightsaber locked with mine.

'It's yours, now.'

That voice again. A deeper voice penetrated my mind and a pale, sweat-streaked face came into focus. Black locks of hair was plastered to his face and somehow the scent of copper invaded me. Then I remembered the sight of blood earlier. This person was injured-and tired. I could use this to my advantage. I was about to push him away when,

"You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the Force."

I blinked rapidly with sudden recognition.

The Force.

I felt my lips move with the thought and closed my eyes. A chasm seemed to open up in me and a clear whiteness filled my senses. I opened my eyes. Everything would be alright.

Using Kylo's lightsaber for leverage, I pushed and ducked away so that I was behind him. The earth opened up behind him. A new energy fueled my advance as I stabbed at the enemy. A part of Kylo's cape fell onto the snow with heat still fizzing on it. I circled him warily and surprisingly, the gasps of pain and fatigue coming from this now-shriveled figure gave me renewed faith.

'We might just make it out of here.'

Whoever this 'we' is, I don't know.

He staggered up and swung half-heartedly with one arm. His other limb dangled seemingly uselessly behind him. I countered, causing Kylo to fall back onto the ground. A rumbling followed and more trees and snow erupted from the forest around us. I looked up in confusion and tried to hold my balance. When I looked back to the spot where Kylo was, he was gone. In his place was a deep abyss. Several meters away, the disheveled figure lay. He propped himself up with an elbow and glared at me.

'We'll meet again, scavenger! '

I sniffed angrily, pushed him out of my head, and turned to leave Kylo to his demise. There was no way he would survive this, what with his wounds and lethargy.


I paused.

Another weak call, "Rey."

I glanced back at the only person that voice could belong to. I widened my eyes in surprise when I was met with a once-familiar smile that I could never forget. Everything was a bit fuzzy.


I couldn't help but smile back.


"I'll find you."

I didn't respond, but rubbed my left eyebrow and touched my lips and chest. Unknowingly, a tear streaked down my face. Kylo nodded and did the same. A pillage of snow blocked my view, and for a moment, a feeling in my chest wanted to plunge me down into the deep chasm in front of me. I sucked in a breath and focused on the journey still ahead of me.

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