Chapter 17

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Rey's POV

Just as Leia said those words, a loud thud resounded through the large medic room. Luke, who had been standing stock-still, suddenly burst into action.

"We have to go, now!" he growled.

I was bewildered, having never seen my master like this. It must be serious. Leia nodded. She reached down an arm to help me up.

"Come on, dear. We'll get you somewhere safe."

I nodded, my forehead wrinkled. What was going on? Was it the First Order? How did they find us? A number of thoughts whirled in my mind. Out of the blue, I found myself wondering.... 

'Is Ben here? '

"I'm sorry, Rey, but we can't wait. We have to find the others."

I slung my arm around Leia's shoulders. I was still lacking energy from my premonition a few moments ago.  I couldn't help but think that Luke had read my mind. Would he really do that? But at a time like this, it seemed necessary to get me moving, what with my still wobbly legs and sweaty composure. Luke unsheathed his lightsaber into a defensive position while guiding Leia and me through the temple. As we neared the east wing, the sounds of more lightsabers clashing could be heard. Luke turned around to look at us.

"We'll be fine." Leia told him.

"You sure?" her brother asked.



"Yeah, Luke."

"I don't believe you."

"'Course you don't."

"Guess I never did."

The two beamed at each other, even at this disastrous moment. I turned my head away, not wanting to intrude on their moment. Then, at a glance, each nodded at the other and went on their way. I watched as Luke  ran off to help the others. I heard Leia sigh but I ignored it. Right now, both of us had to get to safety. As we struggled over to a set of stairs, I slowly felt my strength regaining, but it didn't feel natural. There was something nearby.

"Leia", I whispered.

I detached myself from her. At our right, several hooded figures in black were clustered. We didn't realize until now that there were a number of dead bodies lying on the floor at the base of the stairs. As we gaped at the sight, the black figures, unfortunately, noticed us. Two of them approached us, weapons at the ready. For some reason, they were walking at a leisurely pace, like they knew we would die no matter what we did. It seemed about right, considering the highly modified weapons the two carried. But we still had a chance. The other figures had dispersed, leaving us to our demise.

Leia and I turned, running back the direction we had come. Every so often, Leia slowed down to shoot at our pursuers. The general guided me over until we reached the stairs to the air field.

"You know where to go", she said, nodding at me.


"Go. I'll cover you."

At that, I waved a salute and ran up. I was met with a blast of freezing air. An unmarked black and red shuttle was perched beside the few jets the temple accommodated. More bodies were strewn everywhere, but there were yet more fighting for their lives.

Battling figures were blocking the path to the  starfighters.  If I could get over there, maybe I could fire a few rounds from one of the A-Wings. I maneuvered my way around. I heard a sizzle, as one of the Jedi in my class blocked a heavy blow aimed for me. Aris, I think his name was. He cast a glance at me. That's when I realized the thumping at my leg was my lightsaber. Miraculously, I hadn't lost it like I thought I did. As I gained a good grip on my saber, Aris pushed over his opponent, rendering them unconscious. Aris was breathing heavily and I suddenly noticed the long gash in his leg. Blood was seeping through the wraps he had tied around it.

Together, the two of us seemed to make a formidable duo as we fought our way over to the ships. His rare purple lightsaber with my own green one. We seemed to move in complete synchronization as we ducked and stabbed desperately at the opponent, which was gaining ground on us. We managed to disarm a few guards that were patrolling the hangars and made our way to the A-Wing I was looking for. I plopped into the cockpit before realizing that Aris wasn't with me.

"Aris? ARIS? Where-?"

My shouts were cut short when I saw bloody handprints along the side of the jet.

"Aris?" I asked, whispering quietly now.

The blood trailed over to a body. I jumped out of the pilot's seat and ran over to the body. His head was face-down, but I knew who it was. I picked up Aris' head gingerly. He was wavering in and out of consciousness. I wanted to scream at whoever did this. Aris was in so much pain right now. He didn't deserve something like this. Steam was rising from a large tear in Aris' back. I  heard whispering and realized the Jedi was calling my name.

"R-rey." he gasped, blood now pouring freely from his back.

"It's me. I'm here." I said softly, trying to comfort him with my presence.

"Re-y." he said again, his breath fading.

I caressed his hair and picked out his braid from the blood that had pooled out of his mouth. Within a few moments, Aris was dead. His eyes, still open, were a lifeless gray. I closed them. His lightsaber, which had been pushed a few feet away, was still buzzing with life. I sheathed it angrily and placed the hilt firmly in my friend's cold hands.

I quickly went back to the cockpit of the jet. My shaking hands slid over the control panel. Several figures clad in the colors of the First Order were approaching the A-Wing. I screamed in pain and anger as I shot recklessly at them. Only a few went down, however. They were relentless in their march towards me and were now trying to shoot me down to prevent me from escaping.

Not that I could. I still had to find my master and any other survivors so that we could get to someplace safer. As I was thinking this, a voice invaded my thoughts.

'You have to go, Rey. '

I gaped as the figure of my master appeared from the side of the air field. He was covered in blood and looked tired, but he waved his lightsaber in intimidation. Then he looked right at me. He opened his mouth, and although I couldn't hear him, I knew what he was saying.


The lights in the starfighter suddenly stopped their wild blinking and before I knew it, I was throwing the A-wing into hyperspace. I was leaving everything I had ever known.

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