Chapter 16

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Kyle Ren could fee it. He could feel it. The power at his fingertips. The pull of the Force. The call of    a...-a thing, an unnamed thing greater than he. Kyle shivered in fear, anxiety, last, and happiness. Something popped and crackled violently in his hands. He directed his attention back to the work at hand. The flames of the forge reflected in the mask that he now wore. The mask of the Knights of Ren. Suddenly, the whirring sound that had been dominating the place, diminished. Kylo stepped back to admire his handiwork. The base of a Crossguard had risen from the forge fires and was almost complete. Kyle searched for a red power cable and crystal. Both objects seemed just as flawless as the newly-made saber that would about to come to life. Adding the finishing touches, Kylo cradled the light crystal before placing it in its compartment and clasping it shut. Kyle held his breath in nervousness but gripped the saber firmly in his gloved hands. 

In an instant, Kylo leaped forward whilst activating his lightsaber. A metal table instantly collapsed, with edges still hot and burning from contact with the lightsaber. 

It was quite a sight. There stood Kylo, his body arched forward, his lightsaber held outstretched in front of him. Heat rose from the table. The blazing red light of Kylo's weapon reflected brilliantly from his black mask. He grinned from beneath his facial attire.

'It's happening! It's finally happening! ' Kylo couldn't help but to think.

His path down to the darkness seemed well underway and was within reach. Someone tapped his shoulder. Kylo whisked around, his lightsaber ready for destruction. The person adeptly back away. When seeing the person's attire, Kylo sheathed his saber. Whoever it was dressed similarly to Kylo. He wore the same mask and the same woolen clothing. The person stepped forward again. What came out of his mouth was unexpected.

"Hey, Kylo!" the person exclaimed as he reached out a friendly hand.

Kylo took it hesitantly.

"Snoke told us about the mission. Captain Ren says we ought to go now that you're ready. Hope you're ready for some real fight with the Resistance!" they told Kylo.

The person turned and started walking briskly away. Kylo could only follow. Outside, a shuttle was waiting. Its exterior glowed with a dim red while covered in layers of black. Others dressed like Kylo were standing near the ship. One of the Knights noticed them and started waving.

"Corr! Let's get a move on, yeah?" one of them called. 

Corr shouted something back and gestured to Kylo.

"Come on, the team's waiting", Corr said.

The two ran over to the others. A figure dressed in a hooded cape stepped the forward. The other Knights backed away for them. The figure just stood there for a moment, as if inspecting Kylo. Then with a nod,

"You'll do just fine, Kylo", a feminine voice said from beneath their mask.

The Captain made a signal to the others and they turned to march up the shuttle platform.

"Guess you've made a good first impression there, Kylo", Corr said, nudging him. "Welcome to the team."

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Hey, everyone! I'm glad you're all enjoying the story so far! All of you have been so supportive and I'd like to thank ya'll! I posted somewhere that there would be some action in this chapter, but apparently not. It would be hard to just skip to that without explaining a little. Sorry..

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