Chapter 19

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Rey wanted to scream from the exhilaration of being somewhere other than the Jedi Temple where she had lived what was probably her whole life. Space was even more amazing than she thought. As the A-wing leaped out of hyperspace, Rey was blown away by the sheer size of the blanket of stars around her. A dusty-looking planet loomed in the distance.

In her awe, Rey didn't realize that something had apparently followed her here. Suddenly, red lights started flashing on the ship. She teared herself away from the view and looked at the primary alert systems screen. Rey scrunched her forehead in confusion. Before she had time to really comprehend what was happening, wisps of smoke were gathering at her feet. Rey's eyes widened. A strip of red shot past the ship, barely missing the starfighter's right wing. Another few shots and the side blaster was gone. Great, now she couldn't stand a chance against whoever was trying to kill her.

'We can't win this. We've got to crash. ' Rey thought frantically.

She glanced back and saw a TIE fighter tailing her. She stiffened, having not known that there had been more of the First Order at the temple.

'I guess I shouldn't wonder why we lost so many so quickly ', Rey thought angrily.

Rey tugged roughly at the throttle until the A-wing faced the TIE fighter. She checked the weapons indicator. Only a few rounds were available. Hopefully it was enough to get to safety. The other ship was approaching quickly, too quickly. Suddenly, Rey's hand was flicking the weapons master switch and as a green light flickered to life, she pushed a button on the throttle and several blasts fired from her left. She squinted, watching the TIE fighter pilot getting ready to retaliate.

Rey veered her jet away from her opponent and pushed it to the limit. Her altitude monitors were screaming. She gritted her teeth. There was no way she was giving that pilot the satisfaction of killing a Jedi. A scent invaded her. The smoke was filling up the cockpit. Rey fired the last of her rounds at the other fighter before pulling the A-wing into a sharp dive. She looked at the airspeed indicator. The numbers were higher than she liked. The amber fail light had ceased flashing altogether. Rey scanned the control panel for the seat ejection controls, but she was too panicked. She mumbled urgently instead and tightened her seatbelt before adjusting her helmet so it was more secure on her head.

She closed her eyes, preparing for the worst.

An instant before the starfighter crashed, everything seemed to cease to exist.

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