Chapter 27

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"Mother!" the little girl screamed.

Her small arms grabbed at nothing as she was slowly pulled away from her parents. She struggled against the strange man in black in an effort to get back to her parents.


He looked at her in deep sorrow, and something like regret before tightening his grip on his wife's shoulders uneasily.

"Don't worry. You'll be safe now, Rey. This is the only way..." the woman whispered.

Tears streamed down her face and she lifted a shaky hand to wipe them away.

"Mother!" Rey called again, more desperately.

She reached out feebly and a sudden wave of panic shot through her. Suddenly, both mother and daughter screamed, and all went black.

Rey woke up with a wail. Sweat beaded her forehead and plastered loose strands of hair to her face. Her body ached and as she tried to get up, Rey realized her hands and legs were cuffed tightly by metal bonds to a platform. She hissed in pain as the bonds dug into her skin when she struggled. Instead, Rey closed her eyes in an effort to relax and regain her senses. Her chest rose and fell heavily with each gasping breath. Slowly, she calmed down and quite unfortunately for her, a memory of Rey and Ben meditating together in the Jedi Temple gardens invaded her. Rey's face scrunched up at the thought of Ben, but managed to ignore the distraction. Soon, she was asleep despite the discomfort of the chair she was stuck in.

_ _ _

LN-60 loosened his grip on his blaster as he let his mind wander. His eyelids struggled to stay open and his head started tilting to the side in tiredness. LN-60 straightened up at the sound of a cough.

"Lin! Come on, man, stay with me here!" LN-58 whispered loudly.

"Huh? Yeah." he responded and repositioned himself.

Moments later, a crash sounded through the hallway. A few whispered curses accompanied it before there was silence again.

Kylo breathed in and out heavily in an attempt to control his anger. How it was even possible to fall asleep on the job was beyond him. He finally turned the corner leading to the scavenger's cell, well no, room. There was a moment of commotion from the direction of the stormtroopers as they straightened up in a hurry at the sight of their commander. Kylo balled up his shaking fists.

'Deep breaths, Ren. Deep breaths.'

"At ease", Kylo ordered.

The two troopers changed their stance and he heard one of them sigh lightly in relief, but he ignored that, too. Then he realized that his eye was twitching. His eye twitched a lot nowadays. He made small motions with his fingers to try to calm down.

LN-60 stared nervously at Kylo's lightsaber.

"Sir?" he asked quietly when Kylo continued to stand creepily still in front of the door.

He instantly regretted asking when the commander slowly turned his masked head to look at him. Lin's breathing apparatus struggled to keep up with the sudden lack of oxygen. He was about ready to make a run for it as the dark black visor stared at him.

"Keep your place, LN-60."

Kylo turned his attention away from the stormtrooper and slowly walked into the interrogation room.

Lin's temperatures slowly returned to normal. He looked at his comrade.

"You got soooo lucky", LN-58 managed to choke out, though he too was freaked out by the scene from only moments before.

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