Chapter 29

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The instant Kylo left the room, he realized what had seemed so familiar about the scavenger girl.

'You fool! ' he cursed himself.

Why hadn't he noticed earlier?? Despite his upset, a layer of lost love seemed to well up in his chest. This...scavenger of a girl. She.... Kylo couldn't bring himself to admit it. This scavenger from the Resistance was Rey.

He hadn't thought of that name and the person it belonged to in a long time. Everything seemed to crumble around Kylo. All his training, all his effort, was slowly going down the drain. Kylo rubbed his face with an ungloved hand. He let out a shuddering breath.


Kylo's voice cracked with sudden emotion. He savored the short, yet beautiful name on his tongue. Rey. Rey. Rey. Now he couldn't stop thinking about her. The stupid scavenger. Even in pain, the girl had an aura of the Light around her. Kylo felt conflicted. Did Rey realize who he was? If she didn't, should he tell her? If she did notice, why didn't she say something?

'Why did I take off my helmet in the first place? ' Kylo asked himself in a slightly angry tone.

What nagged at his mind the most was, how powerful is she really? However, time and again, Kylo's thoughts strayed to memories of his days spent as a youth with Rey when the Jedi Temple was still standing. He pushed the remembrance of the burning temple away from his mind.

Kylo blamed himself for his stupidity, his overconfidence, his distorted mind, his appeal to the dark side, for it wasn't coincidence that he had recognized the girl in the room. She wasn't just anyone. She was Rey. His Rey. The girl that he knew since childhood. The girl he loved. The girl whom he thought was dead.

He inhaled sharply. The feeling in the pit of his stomach had returned, after all these years. Damn it, he still loved her. But he couldn't. Ben had loved Rey, but Kylo Ren didn't. Ben was dead now, and always would be.

With slight reluctance, Kylo stood up and stuffed the glove back on his hand. Time to visit Grandfather.

_ _ _

Rey couldn't help but stare at the helmeted figure's back as he left the room. Ignoring the fierce pain still flooding through her, Rey struggled to pinpoint what had seemed so familiar about the man she had confronted moments before. Though she tried to remain focused, Rey's mind continuously wandered back to her days as a Jedi padawan. She unconsciously broke into a grin as the thought of a time when she and Ben had shared a quick kiss behind a grove of trees beside the Jedi temple.

Suddenly Rey's head was slammed back into the chair when a memory ambushed her. She blinked rapidly in confusion.

"Ben....Ky-" Rey stopped whispering when she made the connection.

An immediate urge to scream followed her new knowledge. Rey's chest rose up and down rapidly as she struggled to breathe. Tears streaked down her reddening face. Her lips shuddered with her effort to keep the gasps in.

She couldn't stop thinking about him now. More memories flashed through her mind. A meditation session together. Fighting back-to-back on Rattatak. Hiking up some long-forgotten mountain.

"It's not him. It's not him. It's not him." Rey continuously whispered to herself.

But it was no use. The damage had been done. Ben was gone.

He was gone.

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