Chapter 13

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Ben woke up with a start, his chest heaving. He lay where he was for a few moments. When he recovered, he picked up his head a little, trying to figure out where he was. Ben was on a table in the middle of a bright white room. He realized that he wasn't wearing his Jedi attire and instead, had been fitted into a skintight black fabric. Beside him, a large transparent wall screen bleeped out data.

Ben tried to sit up, and suddenly pain shot through his body. Ben gasped and muffled a yell. That's when he noticed that there were wires attached to various parts of his body.

'WHAT'S HAPPENING???!?!!!? ' Ben screamed in his mind but nothing answered.

He attempted to pull off a wire from his arm and was met with waves of pain. Ben clenched his teeth, but the pain continued. What started out as grunts of hurt evolved into screams as the pain seemed to be growing in his body. Suddenly, they stopped. Ben breathed heavily; both the pain and the screaming had exhausted the little energy that he already had when he woke up.

He heard clicking on the marble floor nearby.

'Oh no ', Ben thought, even though he actually had no idea what that clicking sound was.

The clicks stopped. Ben managed to move his head to try to see what it was. The clicking had come from the white heels of a woman dressed in a white laboratory suit. She looked at him sternly. Waves of anger, frustration, and annoyance radiated off the woman, presumably a doctor. Ben cringed.

"I see that you've woken up", the woman said finally.

Ben thought that was pretty obvious, but he didn't say anything.

The woman tapped something onto the tablet she was holding and the wires slowly unstuck themselves from Ben's body. He immediately felt nourished with energy and a light-headed feeling.

"Your uniform is on that rack behind me. You're to be escorted by the guards outside to Captain Phasma's quarters." the woman told Ben.

"What am I going to be doing?" Ben asked, but was meant with no reply.

The heel clicking resumed and disappeared behind doors.

Ben waited a few moments, but nothing else happened. Mumbling to himself, Ben lifted himself off the table and staggered towards his uniform. Legs shaky, he lifted up the gear. It was a Stormtrooper uniform.

"I don't think I signed up for this", Ben muttered to himself.

He took his time suiting up, until eventually, only the helmet was left. Ben picked it up slowly and stared at the helm. The black visor stared back at him. Whilst taking deep breaths, Ben slowly put on the helmet with a rush of air confronting him. He blinked several times and checked to make sure everything was okay. Visibility of surroundings. Check. Working cycling unit. Check. Pressure-sealed suit. Check. Everything was alright. Everything had to be alright. Besides,

"I signed up for this", Ben said, totally contradicting his previous statement.

He stepped out of the medical room and was suddenly glad for the protection he had under the Stormtrooper helmet. There were three guards outside.

"Move it, noob. Took you long enough." one of the troopers said, stepping towards Ben.

Ben slumped a little. Just like at the Jedi temple. All of this would be the same, wouldn't it?

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