Author's Note

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Hi, thanks for clicking on my book.

 I recently decided to throw my humble mind into the world of the Star Wars fandom. Even more recently, I decided to throw my soul away to support the Reylo cause. I have not been able to go five minutes without thinking about Reylo trash. In my avid support of this ship, I started writing a few paragraphs about it in my notebook, and now, it has evolved into a small book.

I hope you all enjoy reading my work. Thank you!

**Disclaimer: None of the characters in the book are mine. That honor goes to George Lucas. However, most of the plot does belong to me, unless otherwise stated. (This means that a lot of the stuff in here is actually pretty inaccurate and doesn't follow the official timeline of the movie or book, so don't read this if you're big on the facts.)

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