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Rey's POV

I used my shoulder to wipe away the tears on my face. Chewie glanced at me from the co-pilot's seat before growling something and looking away. I couldn't really understand him yet, but it seemed like he was telling me everything would be okay.

"Oh, Chewie."

I held back a sob as the Millennium Falcon jumped into hyperspace. Our heads jolted with the ship's movements. A sniffling sound filled the cockpit. It took me a few moments to realize that it wasn't coming from me. I looked up at the Wookie. Gosh, he was really taking all the damage. Arousing my courage, I placed a hand on Chewie's paw as we left hyperspace. He nodded and wailed softly.

The Resistance base slowly grew from a small speck to a large planet.

"It's time we got...." I looked at Chewie with a slight smile.


_ _ _

Kylo Ren's POV

I clutched my side and tried to staunch the fresh blood flowing from my wound. My breathing was unsteady and I felt a shaking beyond that of the ground beneath me. Through my dimming vision, I made out a snippet of red hair. The pain was growing and I was about ready to faint. I mustered my pride and using what little energy I had left, called out.

'HUX '

The general swiveled his head in slight confusion before he turned and spotted my hunched body.

"Oh, for Snoke's sake..." he murmured before trying to run towards me.

There were too many obstacles, however, and I didn't really think I would make it anyway. I looked away from Hux's slow advance and saw a raggedly-dressed figure staring at me a few yards over.

"Rey?" I croaked.

She had to get out of here before the planet blew up. I remembered the wary smile she gave me earlier. That couldn't go to waste. Rey deserved to live for a little while longer after what I did to her.

I called out to her again. "Rey?"

The figure stepped towards me slowly, a pistol in hand. Their face was partially covered by a scarf. Whoever this person was, it wasn't Rey.

"Who's there?"

I cringed with the weakness my voice betrayed. The unknown moved closer, more confidently now. I leaned against a tree for support. Where was Hux when I needed him?

Dull green eyes stared at me. Hands slowly reached towards my face and caressed my cheek. I shivered. Who was this person?

"I...am Jyn Erso." 

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