Chapter 26

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The red-haired First Order officer flinched as shards of metal flew past his head.

"Erm", Hux murmured as he tried to interrupt one of Kylo's numerous tantrums.


His lightsaber made contact with yet another computer screen.

'There goes another half a million credits...' Hux thought.

He rolled his eyes in irritation and stomped out a small flame.

"WHY DON'T WE HAVE THE MAP YET?!?!??!?!!!" the knight shouted with his head turned to the side.

"Uh, well", Hux started.


Hux put up his hands in mock surrender.

"Whatever you say, boss." he sneered.

Hux backed away and barely missed the searing touch of the saber that Kylo pointed at him. He met Kylo's bloodshot eyes.

"YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?" Kylo said, his weapon still pointed at Hux.

"I was here the whole time. You just told me to leave..."

"Right. Get going."

Hux turned and left. As he stepped outside the room, he was met with two stormtroopers.


"I'll handle it. Stay here." Hux ordered.

A few minutes later, something crackled on the loudspeaker.

"All stormtroopers in Sector 45A please report to Room 6. All stormtroopers in Sector 45A please report to Room 6 to bring conditions under control."

Several soldiers marched around the corner with fire extinguishers gripped tightly in their hands. The door to the room Kylo was in whirred open. Embers leaped out and bounced harmlessly off their armor. A slur of curses followed suit.

"Okay, B-team, let's go", the group's leader said with wavering uncertainty.

He stepped forward and starting swathing the room with carbon dioxide before he could change his mind and make a run for it. A few followed while others hurriedly pushed Kylo out of the room. As they did so, Phasma encountered the ragged figure.

"Ren? For the Order's sake, you....!"

Phasma detached a hand from her blaster to wave it in the air in an effort to find the right word.


(someone chortled)

Then she smacked him on the head, maybe a bit too hard, leading him to be knocked out cold. Phasma rolled her eyes from beneath her helmet.

"Take his things. Bring him to his room."

_ _ _

I can't believe I actually wrote "muppet" over there.

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