Chapter 25

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Rey chugged the water quickly before turning around to continue fixing the project she had been working on in the past few months. Swiping a greasy hand on her tunic, Rey picked up an equally oiled wrench and pushed herself under the pod. Several wires hung off the bottom and Rey worked quickly to connect the cords before more sand got onto her face. A small spray of energy fizzed in the small capsule that she had managed to find a few days ago. A roar accompanied the sizzling and Rey grinned with pleasure.

She scrambled back up and dropped her wrench onto the ground before hopping onto the pod that she had built in her spare time from scavenged parts. Rey turned on the ignition and the speeder immediately sprang into action. It burst forward with a cough and veered around almost uncontrollably.

"Oh, no no no, nonoNONONONONONONONONONO!!!!" Rey screamed as the pod zoomed away incredibly fast while sand whirled all around her.

Fumbling, she managed to turn off the engine, and slid off in a daze. Rey slapped her hands on her knees and breathed heavily, trying to remove that feeling of nausea. She scrunched up her face and sighed loudly before returning to the speeder. When Rey opened the back compartment, the scent of oil mixing with something not good, hit her. Wheezing, she reached a hand between the numerous wires blocking her view of whatever it was. Her fingers touched something soft and furry and Rey leapt back with a scream.

Rey gazed at the tangle of wires in horror.

"What!" she yelled.

She shook her head in confusion.

"What!" Rey repeated incredulously.

A tiny creature that Rey had never seen before slithered out of its refuge. She glimpsed a set of large buck teeth and stripes running along its sides. Surprisingly huge ears and eyes met hers before the teeth bared at her and ran off with the rest of its small body.

When it had disappeared into the desert, Rey relaxed a bit and was embarrassed to find that she had been clutching her staff tightly when she had encountered whatever it was. Releasing her death grip on the staff, Rey decided to try her luck again on the pod speeder. She latched close the back seat compartment and stepped onto the pod. She turned on the ignition again and braced herself. Again, it burst forward, but this time without a cough and sputter. Though she still had to use more control, Rey found the ride to be much easier, and she maneuvered the pod back toward her home. It was more like a make-shift shelter made to last more than a few days, but Rey had found it comfortable and had made her home in a long-dead AT-AT Walker.

Upon returning to her small home, Rey quickly ran over to the pile of tools that she had left when she was trying out the speeder. Everything seemed accounted for when Rey realized that her wrench was missing.

"No, not the wrench..." Rey murmured in a mild panic. "I mean, who would want a wrench anyway, right?"

"You can't just take a wrench!" Rey complained a bit louder now.

"THAT WAS MY ONLY WRENCH!" she suddenly screamed into the air.

She was met with the continuous silence except for the sound of grains of sand being blown across Jakku.

Still furious, Rey marched over to a used net that she had found and forcefully nailed it to the side of the front of her pod speeder. She grumbled and her foul mood, but quickly regained her spirits when she glanced at her small pile of scavenged treasures waiting to be traded in to Plutt's. Rey smiled slightly as she loaded her pod and proceeded to take a ride to the Niima Outpost.

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It just dawned on me how wrong most of my story was. Most of the details I used were incorrect and a lot of this doesn't match up to the information provided about several of the characters' lives. Forgive me...

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