Chapter 5

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It was the day after the battle. The nightmares. The visions. The voices. Ben wanted to scream from the agony. Amidst all the sounds in his head, one voice stood out. It was a deep, menacing, intimidating voice that whispered to Ben constantly.

'You could be so much more. Only a fool ignores the path to the dark. What are you waiting for?  '

That one voice drilled into Ben's mind. His conscience crumbled. Ben couldn't even bring himself to tell Rey, the one person he trusted the most. He twisted and turned in his bed at night, unable to fall asleep. By now the voices had gotten louder and more desperate, the visions had become darker and more violent, the nightmares were filled with flashes of black and red.

Ben's pain continued until the young Jedi walked the temple corridors with bags under his eyes and hair as unruly as ever. His usually excellent grades dropped dramatically in training, and it was noticeable.

On his way to the temple gardens, Ben was stopped by his master.


He turned around to meet the calm, wise gaze of Luke Skywalker. Luke gestured and said,

"Follow me."

Without a glance to see if Ben was following, Luke went straight to business.

"I have seen you in the gardens, meditating. With that girl, Rey. I have seen the way you look at each other." Luke said quietly.

Ben grimaced. The rule that Jedi could have no attachments was emphasized repeatedly. Ben knew that and he hated it. Whenever he saw Rey, a whirlwind of feelings appeared in his chest. It was probably affection. Focusing his attention back on his master, he heard Luke mention something about "this is not the way of the Jedi". Suddenly,

"Whatever is wrong, Ben, you can tell me", Luke said while looking intently into Ben's eyes.

Ben looked away from Luke's piercing blue gaze. Ben was now as tall as his master, and yet he still did not have the courage to look Luke directly in the eye for extended periods of time.

"Yes, master", Ben mumbled. Did Luke really know about his visions and the voices in his head? He couldn't. There was no way that Ben made it that obvious. Besides, surely the voices would die down sooner or later, when Ben finished his training?

The two had stopped in the middle of the hallway. After a few moments, Luke waved his hand, dismissing Ben. With a sigh of relief, Ben quickly turned to walk in the other direction.

"May you follow the light. Ben." Luke said almost too quiet to hear.

Ben shivered at those words.

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