Chapter 3

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Ben found himself thinking about the girl from the day before. She was interesting. No one liked talking to him or even being near him. During training sessions, Ben's mind would go astray. He accidentally did so while one of the Jedi knights was giving a lesson on Force techniques. When asked a question, Ben wasn't listening, which quickly earned him another public humiliation. Great. When Ben was in the library trying to study the history of light saber duels, he found he couldn't focus on the book he was reading.

At long last, his training for the day was over. Ben headed for his usual spot in the gardens. Pushing past some tall ferns, he realized he had started hoping that the girl would be there.

'Don't be silly ', Ben told himself. 'She's just like the others. And besides, when did you like being with the other apprentices? '

Reaching his spot by the creek, Ben wasn't surprised to see no one there. Sitting down, Ben sighed, trying to calm his thoughts.

'See, Ben? Just like the others. ' he thought.

A few minutes later, a rustle of the bushes told Ben that someone was there. He turned. It was the girl again.

"HI!" the girl exclaimed. "Sorry! I got lost on the way here!"

Raising an eyebrow, Ben returned to meditating. He felt the ground shake slightly as the girl plopped down next to him. Opening one eye, Ben noticed the girl had squeezed her eyes shut in concentration. He closed his eyes too. And smiled a little.

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