#10 The Game Is On

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He open the envelope and start reading.

Dear You!
  I cAn See yoU have FouNd mE! An-Hahaha-waha. MeAns you hAve aGrEE tO pLay ThIs gAme! WhaT GamE? I muRdEred TRACY KESINGER! ThaT thE gAme! YES... NoW you must PLAY oR eAcH PersOn yOu cARe WilL DIE!

RuLE Is siMpLe! FoLlOw the CluE! You Can't, yOu DiE! LoOk CareFul eVerY thInG arOUNd you! THe GAMe is ON!

NoW, Let PlAy! How MuCh yOu WilL dO to FiNd ouT?

P.s hoLd On tO mE.

13th MaRch, 1998

"That it?" George grab the letter away from Esberstark hand, Esberstark grab it back and stare straight  at George eyes, "You want more people to die?!" Esberstark almost crumble the letter to chatter pieces, "No-nono no... This is not Ren-ny, this is not him. He never speak like this." Mrs Dalton tears never stops rolling, she keep using her hand to wipe her tears but her face is still wet like a towel soak in a bowl of water, Mr Dalton try to hold his tears as hard as he could so he could give his wife a bit more comfort. "What he mean by the game and he killed a inocent girl?" Mr Dalton ask Esberstark at the same time he put his wife in his chest so she could use his shoulder. BOOSH!

  Boosh! The letter turn on fire itself! When Esberstark temp to let go, "No! Hold on to me! Remember?" George remind Esberstark and hold his hand so he would stop him to shake it off. Chssssss... The fire burn out slowly, a small paper left in his palm, George let go of Esberstark hand and take the paper. "Give me your hand!" Mr Dalton ask Esberstark. Esberstark hand it over, Mr Dalton put his hand in to the ice Lemon, "it should help you stop burning, it not serious, just the surface skin, not yet the fat layer and muscle, put burning cream will heal." Mr Dalton is a retired E.R. Doctor, Esberstark hold the ice lemon on his other hand and walk aside so George can't see his painful face.

George continue the game, it written:

You havE mAde it tO lEvEl tWo!
I stand here all the time,
Just tO let you see me when I'm on you mind.
I keep Your frozen moment,
You put me in your apartment.
The day I start learning,
Is the time I start falling.
What am I?

*it my ever first time riddle, forgive of it sucks.

'Please don't turn in fire again..." George is praying in his heart. "Do you know what it means?" Mr Dalton ask George. "It just a riddle, give me a minute!" George begin to think, 'I stand here all the time... Mean something don't move... Just to let you see me when I'm on your mind... "What on your mind now?" "My son" ... He look for his son in photo! The frame! Frozen moment! A picture! Start learning... The school. The one Mr Dalton look at!' George run to the frame and look at the image, he turn it at the back take the picture out, bingo! There is the new message! He notice this paper at the bottom is year in another, George read it with Mr Dalton:

I'm violet to purple rare be white and yellow,
See me by the side of the window.
When the time I fallen to the ground,
I stay with you all around.

P.s. Dig Me

"Wow... That so easy! Pretty obvious right?" He laght by himself and look around... No one is laughing with him, he put one hand behind his head and scratch his hair, he turn around so quick again to the window, 'see me by the side... There! Purple flowers!' He run outside of the room and look for the flower, Esberstark give the ice lemon back to Mr Dalton and run with George. 

"Sea lavenders! Your ex girlfriend favroutie!" George point his both hand to the flowers. "Dig it?" Esberstark ask George, "yep! That what the massage said!" Geroge rise his shoulder and pull up both of his hand and flap back his hand on his outer thigh, as the moment Esberstark temp to start, "what on earth you trying to do now?" Mrs Dalton come out from her apartment. "I'm sorry Mrs Dalton, but the message request to dig up this flower." Esberstark explain, "please! Is the only thing I've left from my son! He planted this before he left." George can see Mrs Dalton eyes is so red that you almost can't see her eye white, she cried to hard. Mr Dalton come along."My apology, but I have my own green house garden that take care of all sea lavender inside, I assure you I will take well care, after digging it I will personally help you place it back." Esberstark put his right hand against his chest and his left hand put behind his back and lower his head to Mrs Dalton. Mrs Dalton put down her hand from her chest and take a deep breath and nod, she turn around walk back to her house, before she open her door "just to let you know, I'm doing this for Tracy, but I don't want anything to against my son!" She open the door and go back infoor, didn't even look back. "It alright to tell us what you have found after this, it better than no knowing" Mr Dalton wish even his son is become a different person but he is still his son and he still love his son. He walk in side also.

Mean while George look around, 'that all?...just that easy?... No no, something is mising... This is wrong... How could all this just be that simple? If it that easy... Why riddles? ... p.s dig me... Won't that just going to be telling me the answer? ... The time I fallen... Oh my god!' Gregor stop thinking and start running back to Esberstark as fast as he could, "No! Stop! Stop! Get off!" Esberstark didn't react fast enough, psssssst! George push Esberstark away! "What the- you? Hey! George!" George lay on the grass choking, he couldn't responds, it was poision gas, George save Esberstark in time but he breath in the poision, soon he can't even caught, he face up to the sky and lying there, he can't breath... Faintng dealing with out oxygen... "George! Lord... What should I do?" Esberstark shake George so keep him wakeup, George use his last strength to point at the digging spot, another message!

You forgot the paper two...

When the time YOU fallen,
I will stay with you all around.
Guess where I'm at.
P.s you have 45 second.

"Oh lord! 45 second, 10 second pass already..." Esberstark stand up and look around, around... Jesuse! Then thanks god he notice at one bar of the fence is planted a sea lavender. He rush to it and see a tiny nife mark writing "break me" he didn't think much, he use all his force to try break it, he try to use his hand but he just got a burn, it hurt like hell! He is kicking it but the while fence is to strong! 20 second pass...15 seconds left... "Ahhhhhhh)))))))))))))) break!!!!!!!" Esberstark push as hard as he could! 5 seconds left!!! "Bloody ... What are you doing?!?" Mr Dalton come out and see what going on with the loudness, he was shocked by seeing bleeding hands on his harder fence and George lay on floor not moving, he go straight at George and check his vitals, "honey! Call an ambulance! Detective! What cause this?!" Mr Dalton try to understand the situation before doing any decision, "it was poision! Gas on-e!  Ah! I have to break this! 20 seconds over!" Esberstark speak as he push. Bang! A clear song come from the broken fence and a bottle of glass fall on the grass, it size amount as a finger, clear, pure liquid inside appear as violet. Esberstark rub his blood on his hand and pick up the bottles run to George, he pass the battle to Mr Dalton so he could save George life, Mr Dalton smuge the blood on the bottle away and see "oral", he open George mouth and pore into George mouth, it 60 second over... Mr Dalton start CPR right away, 'wake up... Wakeup... I'm not going to let my son kill one more person' Mr Dalton Keep thinking. George still not breathing...


To be continue....

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