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lip gloss ♡ richie tozier (complete) by awoowah
lip gloss ♡ richie tozier (complet...by 𝙬𝙮𝙪𝙧𝙩 𝙤𝙡𝙖𝙛
"what's that lip gloss flavour?" "don't know. maybe you could figure it out." ∞ im y/n marsh and i have lived in derry my whole life. my label is 'h...
  • happy
  • gore
  • loserclub
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When The Dead Girl Attacks by harleyisawesome123
When The Dead Girl Attacksby Brooke
(This is my first story so no hate) there is a girl who died when she was 10 she knew who killed her so she will make her killer feel the pain she felt when she was kil...
  • firststory
  • random
  • scary
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The Things That Crawl by Wagwanbro
The Things That Crawlby Amnesia
The Things That Crawl is a horror book about humanoid creatures slowly invading the earth. What started as a few youtube videos that seemed fake took a turn into somethi...
  • creepypasta
  • therake
  • scary
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Sebahagian siri cerita seram yang pernah berlaku atau imaginasi penulis asal. Ambil dari pelbagai sumber
  • seram
  • dunia
  • misteri
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Life by ssSHANss
Lifeby shan
this is just some poem I write to past time, can't promise it will be to your enjoyment but I hope you like it.
  • signs
  • horrow
  • lifehorrow
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Bad Blood | Vkook by Taehyunggiekookie
Bad Blood | Vkookby psychotaekook_
" New seatmate , new victims ! "- Park Chanyeol " how dare , don't be such a rude "- Byun Baekhyun ↭❀↭❀↭
  • sorrow
  • romance
  • horrow
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Darkness of fire by darlingdrizzle
Darkness of fireby A Poole
Each poem is a branch on the tree of conflict. It grows under the strain of pain and suffering but is easily nourished with love and forgiveness. Like the tree I stand...
  • westminsterattack
  • terrorism
  • childhood
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GOLD & SILVER by sadneccessary
GOLD & SILVERby k e l s o
  • heartbreak
  • hate
  • scarypoetry
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THE PREGNANT GHOST!!!!!!!(complete) by Tomodaikanae
THE PREGNANT GHOST!!!!!!!(complete)by Viko-chan 💕
This story is wrote by my friend and I...my friend and I had performed this story at University Malaya(UM)... Nurain Aqilah as Narrator Nurul Alissa as Narrator Nur Awa...
  • seram
  • ourperfomance
  • theoldhospital
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Scary Stories for Children by alexrayu
Scary Stories for Childrenby alexrayu
As a kid I loved the scary stories. I ended up inventing a few of my own. Here they are.
  • children
  • horrow
  • short
1 TITLE, 3 SHORT STORIES by EvaAlordiah
1 TITLE, 3 SHORT STORIESby Elohor Eva Alordiah
Dear Reader, This is my way of getting you to Read 3 short stories quickly and you decide which one you'd like to read as a complete story! The story with the highest v...
  • fiction
  • horrow
  • thriller
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tell me your life and ill tell you a story by nadiaelectra
tell me your life and ill tell you...by jaritza nadia electra
fanatsy, slenderman. slender man, imagination, real, horro
  • slenderman
  • dreams
  • horrow
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This Is It by crossingpumpkin
This Is Itby crossingpumpkin
A story about a young man that wonders what happened to his elementary school after a school shooting happened when he goes in to more research about it he finds out tha...
  • horrow
  • creepy
  • distubing
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EYES! by CourtHoranDinosaur
EYES!by CourtHoranDinosaur
in this story there is Tyson, Brittany and courtney. Brittany is courtneys bestfriend and tyson is brittanys brother.their ages are tyson: 19 brittany:17 and courtney 16
  • eyes
  • horrow
Cruel Fate - Chap 7 by Mousebaybee03
Cruel Fate - Chap 7by Mousebaybee03
  • love
  • past
  • horrow
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The Darkness Within by frozenhurricane
The Darkness Withinby Aisha & Rachel
Written by Rachel. My story begins with the ending, because I only found out about everything at the end. Life’s unfair in that way, it’s like a horror book or criminal...
  • darkness
  • within
  • teen
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BrightStar(updating ) by TigerDevilAkame
BrightStar(updating )by TigerDevil
'What happened to Tracy kesinger on 25th Jan 1996?' Detective Eberstark close up the investigation box and put it back where it left forgotten. You must be really confus...
  • mystrey
  • music
  • death
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The Unsudden Change by Amotaomotee701
The Unsudden Changeby Tee-B
This is about a girl DAT every body taught could never change for the best but they were all shocked beyond their expectations.
  • romance
  • lastlysorrow
  • horrow
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HELEN; COME AGAIN by SheyVibanNyuysoni
HELEN; COME AGAINby Shey Viban Nyuysoni
Helen was a strong lady who overcome any obstacles in life. She lives a heroic life since birth without any major defeats. She was from a wealthy family the Osiris famil...
  • horrow
  • love
  • mafia
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Death by Cupcake by mizayaa
Death by Cupcakeby Mizaya
Be nice, no matter what.
  • death
  • horrow
  • life