#15 MoonNight

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Such huge moon above the sky. Moonlight shining every window in the school. Such a nice night Tracy think.
She walk her way to the ward to visit George, bring along with Esberstark letter.
Silver wait till the nurse done checking ward and go back inside her office and take a sneak for a little nap cause the whole building only got George in there. Silver sneak into the Ward corridor before the door close and lock itself. She susccefully walk inside to the corridor and walk to George room door, she stop at his door and turn aroung and take a deep breath. She look into the glass door front of her and she fix herself, she came with ready, dress up very nice for this moment. She make her beautiful dark hair a little bit curly then usual, she let her hair down tonight to her back, that makes her more hot then her normal days with full face make up. She only put on the eyeliner tonight and with cat eye mascara, only apply very lightly, didn't make it extra long. She put on a leather white jacket and fully up zip! And mini shirt with Scotland red pattern on it, line up at the side with some bing ring chain. She didn't put on any silk stocking, just let her natrual skin out, painful high heels she only wear it when- no... She don't wear it no matter what, it deadly beautiful but dreadful painful, it has black leather lines crossing each other till her upper ankles and zips at the back of her foot heels. The rounding base line is white leather, perfect match with her jacket.

She got herself prepared and turn back to George ward room and open the door. She walk inside and see George is sitting up holding a paper and write: I thought you were not coming.
Silver walk to his bed and read it, "no, I've t wait till the nurse walk away... You know... So we could be alone." Silver whisper to him just loud enough tthat he could hear. George didn't move, he just look at Silver, he coldnt pull he eyes off from her. He take up his hand and swipe down in her hair, it smooth and delicate. Silver is blushing like sunset. So she try to speak something "How do you feel? Is it too much for you? Don't you love singing?" Then silver realise she has ask a stupid questions, how could she ask him when she know he will feel sad! But he didn't.
George write: yes, I love singing, and doc said I still have hope, just need more time. I'm worrying about you, do you mind I can't speak?

"You are so brave, why would I mind when you are already perfect?" Silver climb to his bed after saying this.

She climb one the bed and stop at the side of George, she open her legs and lightly sit on George legs. She lean forward and kiss him. She hand herself closer to George and let her chest lay on his, she can feel his body heat pass though her jacket. No doubt George kiss her back with little French kiss, he is not a great kissing but he is enjoying it. He put his right hand on to silver upper thigh and slightly slowly moving up to her hip, she put her left hand on George chest and using her right hand to guide George left hand onto her leather jacket zip. George slowly unzip it and he take a very deep breath while he saw such magnificent round, ample, brazenly beautifully formed breast  in front of him. He froze and look at it without blinking his wide open eyes, to be honest this is his first time. Silver has come with ready, she hold his hand and bring him up to her bare firm breast and let him lay hand on her. George slowly reacting to it and slowly cupping her nice and gentle. Pressing on it and let the texture gose around in his hand. The moon light shine on her and her breast glistening on her, this is the best night George certainly never experience it before. George move away his eyes and look up to her, the moon light shine on her hair, he can see it reflecting little silver light on it. Silver see his face expression and know what he is thinking and said "Guess I still have my family blood in me." George smile at her and swipe her hair close to his lips and kiss her hair. Then he look up and see her eyes is silver grey colour instead of honey brown like she always have, it supprise himself that he love it, he though he don't like it because it too cold. "I didn't wear colour con tonight... Bad for my eyes, it tierd to wear all day." Silver explain to George, but she don't need to, George simply kiss her eye and move down closely and kiss her lips. Their lips lock and they are not going any where except each other lips, he continues going up to her thigh and unzip her dress. He move his whole body up and hold her against his chest and turn her over to his ward bed, George is on top of her now. He move down from her and move his hand along on her legs till her heels. He slow take off her heels and help her massage a little to help her relax, it like a natraul instinct in him telling him what to do, as he doing that he notice her ankle and foot heels is full of scars. But he let go of it and continue to relaxing her, he move back up and move his head along her body, he deep his head into her chest and feel that honey soft, tender breast she have got there. He take off her mini skirt and slowly kiss her belly and take off her underwear, his underwear as well. He lean closer to her and their belly touches each other, she gently touch on his penis and guide him close to her vigina, she whisper behind his ear "do it slow." George push his way in very slowly, Silver try to held on the pain but she still moan out a little. George stop for her, but she tell him not to. He continue his way in. Silver held the pain for her first time, but slowly she relax down and let George gose in deeper. She felt no pain any more same time she feel save with him. She realise she never going to regret this night with him, she didn't think about Mka anymore, didn't worry will George ever look at her. She is in deep love, hot love, like jump into a volcano!
Tracy arrive at the ward corridor to realise the door was lock, but of course she can just walk pass it. She pass the door and walking closer to George ward. She almost just open the door wide and walk in, but then she think of George maybe sleeping, so she peak inside to his door window and see he is with Silver, she turn around so fast and got off gaurd about what she just saw. She did not believe it so she turn around and look in again. 'Yes! It real! I'm not dreaming... What the hXxx? He is with someone?!? Why do I care?! It non of my business! I was worry about him so sick, now I see he is just FINE! Even can do- Ah!! Son of a !' Tracy wet on wall for no reason, she scramble the paper and thow it to the ground and walk away.
Silver sit at the side of George bed and get back to dress, mean while George grab a pencil and write down: why wear the heels when you don't like them?'
"So I could dance behind Mka, so I could be around you!" Silver answer him after reading it.
Write: your eyes it so much beautify then I thought It would be, it like snow flakes in the air, keep it for me would you?
"You mean don't wear colour con?"
Write: it bad for your eyes anyway. Please?
"For you, anything!"
George give her a goodbye kiss and she walk away. She stop at the front of the door when she open the door. She pick up the scramble paper and bring it to George. "I think this is yours" silver pass it to George and go back to her hostel.
George look at the letter and he know it, he can feel Tracy was here. He feel a strange feeling bumping from his heart like he have done something wrong.

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