#14 Little talk

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"I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you." Tracy keep apologising to Esberstark while she is listing to him what happened.
"It alright! Stop apologies to me, I'm not the one who got poision, that kid safe my life, got to go thanks him later. You visiting him ?" Esberstark ask Tracy.
"Yeah I'm going tonight, I'm sure he need more time to adobt. I think is too much for anyone." Tracy understand George feeling.
Esberstark keep silence, he still feel guilty about this. It could have been him, he should be the one who laying in the hospital. Not George.
"Hey! It not your fault! You tried your best, he is still alive because of you, don't take this on you. Did you get a new clue then?" Tracy try to change the subject, "No... It was another dead end... that bastard play us, but there is a high chance Renny is the one who killed you, but there are some part dosnt make sence. The cover of the letter Renny wrote, his mom said it his writing, after I open the envelope his mother didn't recognise his writing anymore." Esberstark point it out.
"Is that mean Renny didn't kill me?" Tracy still have hope in Renny. "Is Renny maybe force to write that envelope and the killer write the letter?"
"No... Doesn't add up. I mean who would kill a girl and do so much for it, no ones gonna find out anyway, he could have just walked away. Why do so much unless there is more reason." Esberstark still don't think all this were just coincident.
"Well... As you said it was a dead end. How you gonna find out?" Tracy ask.
"Give this to George, it the letter, I meme rise it and write it down. Maybe he can think out of something." Esberstark pass the paper to Tracy.
"Alright! I'll give it to him tonight."Tracy said.


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