#1 Meet you there

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'What happened to Tracy kesinger on 25th Jan 1996?' Detective Eberstark close up the investigation box and put it back where it left forgotten.
There is an Awsome guy name George, he is very good at his instrument, especially his guitar, he start play it since 3 years old, not force to, he was born to be with music, and he just love the freedom of floating in music.
Tracy walking around the collage looking for her room and put down her belongings. "Ouch!"
Tracy,stop talking when he look up and saw that pairs of sapphire blue eyes infront of her "I .. A..yeh , ah it okay ,I can take that bump" George say it very sloppy cause he is also stuns by the hazel green eyes she have there "do you need a hand for your stuff ?"Geoge ask very nicely. "I think I can take it myself, thank you" Tracy walked away left to find her room.

After the settlement and a night of rest ,it open day !!! She follow all others and go to the hugest Hall she ever been in her life and sit down with others ,the show beggin , there was a bang presenting at the stage ,the show were Awsome, Tracy felt in love with the music going on stage, she never knew the a group of student would capable of playing music such great than she reginise the guitar guy, it was the guy she bump in yesterday, she imidintly feel so embarrassing about it, but than the girls team show up, their dance steps are amazing and there she is! The perfect girl that stands out at the middle. Tracy just feel so great that she do not want to leave this place for first time in her life.

She stays until everyone is gone, the instrument were left on stage, she slowly walk on stage and look around, she look and she can feel it, she can feel the power of music still reacting to each other, she can smell the the sweat the nervous the rusty guitar and the wood instrument on stage, she look at the audience the light shine on her directly so she could not see under the stage but she can still feel the eyes looking at her (she is imagining ) she turn back and walk forward to the instrument, and though the piano, the moment she put her hand on the piano pad she feel a struck to her hand she was shock and let go of it, she walk few steps back and accidentally kick a guitar, lucky she act fast and grap it in time so it would not fall, she hold on the guitar, it a classical guitar with heavy wood for the body, she put her fingers on the strings and swing over it, she feel so great so she keep swinging it randomly than she start singing with her wonderful voice "Say something I'm giving ..." "You should ask before you touch others stuff" Suddenly come from nowhere a voice speak to Tracy, she startle and try to look for the voice, but then she reginise the voice !it the guitar player! "I know you, you are the one who play this guitar" Tracy speak to the voice direction ,"indeed ,not yet introduce, I'm George, where you from, I never saw you before "said George with curious. "I'm Tracy, I'm sorry I shouldn't been here, I'll be gone" said Tracy with frighten voice she walked away and go back to her room. "You scared her off, mate, you should use better tone to girls not just your music" said Ryan in a great mode, walk in after Tracy run away "Maybe you should treat girls harder like you treat the drums!" George jokes "I'm not gonna beat them like drums, I'm a gentlemen ,gentle men ,I treat them softly, hungry?" Ryan laugh at George"come on, stop it. Let get something to eat, you are buying for making fun of me" George put his hand on his BestFreind shoulder and walk with him "I was just joking, but you really need to change your tone. "Ryan said it with smile.


The next morning cause her last night she just change her cloths and just put on her sleeping coat and went to sleep,Tracy just woke up with foggy eyes, she get up and take her morning stuff and ready to get to wash room to clean up ,she open her room door and BAM! Someone stand at her door when she walked out she bump on him and bouns back "Ouch Jesus who... ?"Tracy look up and see George standing there look like tried to knock on her door, he look at her and see her undress well so he immediately turn his head away , "You? How did you know I'm here?" Tracy ask counfusely. "I ..I was trying to look for you!"George panicked and put both of his hands up. "What do you want?" Tracy ask with a gate between them. "Can you come by to the hall ?"George ask. "What for ?" Tracy asked. "You will know!" George said it and walk away. Tracy left their with confusing and think for a whole day and decide to give a shot.

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