#9 Renny's home

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So, Esberstark and George arrive at Renny apartment that Esberstark was hold. It was a truditional house that have three floors anda triangle roof top with a grace iron gate auroing the huge garden.Look from outside you can see the whole building is build from braicks which looks brownies the garden seems well care be there is no any other plants except for grass that trim to perfect land like what you see in golf. "But George notice at the side if the house the little coner grow a small little flower there, George recognise it the flower that Tracy like! The sea leavender! "Um...how exactly you going to ask the questions?" George have no idea how to do this anymore. "Like this! Watch me!" Esberstark lead his way and  ring the bell, after a minutes a old lady comes to answer the door, "yes? Who is this?" The old lady use her old age sound to ask. "Good afternoon lady, I'm detective Esberstark and this is my partner George, we have come a long way to look for Renny and ask about the incident twenty years ago. Do you mind we talk to your son? Esberstark says it like he was actually a detective. (To remind, Tracy stays in school because she have no way to get outside of the school) George is so nervous about this pretending, so he stay quite and follow Esberstark lead. "My son is gone!" A old man come behind the old lady says it. "I'm so sorry about this, would you like to come in first?" The old lady apologise for her husband rudeness. "Yes, please!" Esberstark feel greatful.

George follow Esberstark and he start to look around the house, it just perfect! What I mean is everything is putting where exact it belong! The carpet on floor you can see it has some age but it still clean and warm colours, plate that is rare and expensive collection is put inside the cupboard clean and in order. As they walk inside the old lady talk to them. "I'm Renny's mom, you can call me Mrs Dalton, he is Renny's father. This is our house. As you see I'm a 64 years old lady. I hope you can understand." Renny's mom explain to George who she is.

  They have arrive the resting room of the house and Esberstark sit down where Mrs Dalton lead them. "My son Renny disappear after Tracy incident. I've no idea where is he now." Mrs Dalton tell the answer before Esberstark even ask, "he was gone after two years of Tracy dead to be excect. Tracy was such a nice girl, she walk home with Renny few times for his project, they can make such a great art. She has been his only friend, hey are good friends and there is no reason my boy will hurt her, don't even mention about killing her." Mrs Dalton eyes start silence cry with rolling tears. George feels sorrow about this scene, same as Esberstark, but still he have to keep on asking before Mrs Dalton change her mind to answer anymore qeustions. "Did Renny say any things or acting weirded before and after the incident?" Esberstark acting is such a profession. He can see Mrs Dalton eyes is dropping tears, but she stop sniffing and her eyes motion for a second. Then he knows she is bidding something. "He was all up high at that time in his brain." Mr Dalton spilt it out. Mrs Dalton close her eyes shut and few drop of tears fall out to her cheeks, "oh please! Stop, he was such a good boy, he did nothing wrong." She whisper. She is still blind with the love to her son. "Help yeah! He was such a good boy that put those needles in his godame veins. The definition now days are way different." Mr Dalton is getting so angry now. "What make you say that? Was he not souber?" George ask. "Hell yea! He couldn't even tell me did he eating his dinner, spending all his money to buy those shit, I spend all my life on him and that what I got for return." Mr Dalton say nothing good to Renny, but for the real reason that he is so angry is because he love his son so much that he don't believe the drugs is going to take his son away just by that easy. He use anger to replace forgiveness to fill the hole in his heart. He need the fresh air so he walk upstiars.  Left Mrs Dalton all alonesitting at the sofa. "There is no report saying your son take any medication , why is that?" Esberstark check the files agin and there were no mention about Renny drug addicts problems. "No one ever notice Renny, everyone just see the surface of the incident, they were all looking at Lyon and other Bulliers. I wish they have ask so they could help my son before I notice it was to late." Mrs Dalton regret so much about she couldn't help her son sooner.
"Do you know what drug he was taking?" George asks. "No... Even if I don't know what drug he was taking, If I know that he was even touching it, I would have stop him. He never talks about anything that bothers him or making him stress. But I knew he was having trouble with making friends, which is why I'm happy that Tracy was his friend!" Mrs Dalton feel abit comfort after memorizing of the memory of Renny. "Do you mind we go take a look of your sons room?" Esberstark ask nicely. "Yea sure! The second door to the left at second floor. I didn't change his placement, things stays the same as he was gone, I clean up the dust some times." Mrs Dalton show the way. "Why no change?" George have just ask such an rude question. Mrs Dalton stand there froze. "Do you mind make us a drink?" Esberstark help him get out of this tragic moment, "yea...sure... I have lemon ice..., I'll go get some." Mrs Dalton walk to the kitchen. "You fool! Are you out of your mind?! Why on earth did you ask that question?" Esberstark teaching George a lesson. "What? Why not?" George still don't understand. "Parents never give up! They never stop loving their child, most case missing child, the parents keep everything In place so when thier beloved child come home they can come back to thier home again. Even some case they got bad news, they will still keep it, so if you ask this kind of stupid questions again. Not just make them a hard time, also pointing there is no hope. Get it?" George nod to show he understand.

They walk upstairs and George look around to satisfied his curious. Wood floor steps on for the stairs cover with the finest carpet to warm up the cold tone in house, lighten up they way with rice white wall paper with hidden rose printing with slightly darker colour. Last decorating with simple frame on the wall, but the picture weren't simple! They are Mr Dalton and Mrs Dalton loving travel posture around the world, there were few pictures with Renny inside, but all without Mr Dalton.

George finish the sniffing and walk in with Esberstark to Renny's room. They were not surprise. All science stuff in the room, blackboard for the wall to cauclate the physic, formula for the chemical, a wood board for sticking picture for the research of the creatures. Poster around the room of different scientists. Lot of science project around the lab table, I'm serious, there is a lab table in his room. It a vast, huge variety room, image a room can put a adult bed, a huge bookcase, a lab table, and a huge desk for study. And planty of place for science and art project put on floor. Done thinking? Yea excectly, must be expensive. "She is right! He is a good boy." Mr Dalton looking at a picture sitting at Renny bed and said. Mr Dalton standup and put the picture where it was placed, George can slightly see it a picture of Mr Dalton and Renny stanging front of the school gate. Guess it the first day of school.

Esberstark walk to the studying desk and notice it was strange, all books in room is placed at the bookcase, but only this science book put here on desk very neat, no papers for note, no pen using, so he take a closer look, he sees a lot of memo at the science book, he have no interested for studying it, but he row down and read there is a word pops up, each memo is writing with black or blue pen, but he saw there is a mark with green written 'Letter', Esberstark open that page, yes no trick, there is an letter, Esberstark pick it up and show to Mr Dalton. "It Renny writing! How could have I missed it for all this long?" Mr Dalton recognise it Renny writing and stuns by what he have missed for twenty years. "Oh my! God have mersy, what is the letter about?" Mrs Dalton come up with four cups of lemon ice on a silver tray, she almost faint when she heard this news, George react fast and help her hold the tray and Mr Dalton give his shoulder to her.

"Let see what is this about" Esberstark start reading the letter.


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