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bs chapter6

  Geroge leads the way climbing out of the cave, Esberstark close the gate and begin to climb the way out, "Tract follow me, Geroge stay the last! no way I'm gonna let you fall and get us all killed" Esberstark say this to George for humiliate him in front of Tracy. Geroge has no chance to fight back so he climbs up in silence.

Since going down is already hard, no way climbing up will be easy. Although it hard for them, Esberstark has climbed this rock tunnels for 20 years. Sure he is capable of this easy level.

Half way at the tunnel now, such dark and wet in there, George have no choice but to put his creapy phone flashlight away and use full hand to climb, but once he put it away he regret it. It is so dark that he can only see the light from Esberstark flashlight such far away. "Ah!!!" Tracy calls out. She trip and slip her legs, luckily George reacts fast enough so he can spear an empty hand to support her, there is the awkward moment... His hand is putting at a wrong place at Tracy ... Tracy secure herself "thanks, I guess" Tracy try to climb  to as fast as she could so she could get out of this awkward moment. "sorry I didn't mean to I was just trying to help." George trying to explain to Tracy, but Tracy ignore him and keep climbing. She didn't scroll at him because her ex-boyfriend is up there, and for all of their sake, she don't want them to be dangerous just because she get angry. But all in George head his just thinking she's kind of real for a ghost.

finally, they have arrived at their tunnel exit. Esberstark pushes that tree trunk and gets his feet back on land.Esberstark pull out his hand and help Tracy goes up and walk away go on a reach to the school. "hey... anyone help me out?" George still traps in the tunnel alone. Why am I even here? I'm just playing the guitar... He thinks for awhile and he climbs up to the whole himself. He closed off the tree trunk and follow up, he was falling way behind.

As they are running to the room that Tracy died. George speed up and speak to Tracy and whisper "hey! Are you ready for this?" George is worrying for Tracy. "what do you mean? We are on our way now! I can't back out right now."Tracy don't want to say no for now, either she wants to she already said yes at the cave and there's no turning back now. "I mean. If it's me normal for anyone to accept this much in such a short while." George just trying to cut her some slack. "Well, I'm not someone and is not too much I've waited for 20 years. And Esberstark was my boyfriend he is just older doesn't mean he's not the same person. I don't want to hurt his feeling." Tracy tries to put all this in a normal view, "is that what you mean? After 20 years you still love him?" Geroge got envy about this, "No!"Tracy shout out than she turn her voice down and whisper "I didn't mean by that, it just, he Was my boyfriend, it been twenty years, I don't expect this to happens, it just!" Tracy can not explain her feeling to Esberstark. "You still love him, but just not like the way you use to be?" George helps her to express. "Yes... Just not like I use to be..." Tracy feel is guilty about this so she look away from George's eyes and look down. "anything wrong you can talk to me, you know that right?" George holds her hand and face to her but she shake his hand off from her hand and say "I don't need to, and why Tom can see me after you pass him that sheet music?"Tracy starting to get irritated that she scream so angry but secretly she got a happy feeling of George warn hand and her heart starts beating again. She has not Idea why this is happening. "I don't know... how can I know?!" George not sure himself also. "Why Ryan and the others can see me? did you show them aswell?" Tracy asked George for a quick answer, " Oh shot! I gave it to Ryan so he could take a good look, then he said he wants to study it." George has no idea what he have done. "How much you want to bet he shown to others?" Tracy finally clears her clouds now. "We have to go seek out! We should go ask Ryan!" George panic. "I think you go alone and ask will be enough." Esberstark comes us from nowhere, Tracy and George got flabbergasted. "When did you got here? When you start to listen?" Tracy asks him. "When you said your don't to hurt my feeling?" Esberstark answers her question with out feeling, he doesn't want Tracy to feel guilty about it. "Oh... Huh..." Tracy has no idea what to say. George is smirking at the conner. "We should keep going!" Esberstark suggest. "I thought you want to spread up!" George mans up and ask Esberstark. "I was saying if you want to go, you can go as much as you want! But I'm GOING TO STAY WITH TRACY!!!" Esberstark shouts at George to express his feeling. "Who said I don't want to stay with her? Do I want to find out what happens to her, why you always pick on me? What wrong. Huh? Better say it now before I punch your face!" George spilt it out in one second. "This is not personal, and I'm just trying to get the truth out also. But you are really not HELPING AT ALL!!! What make you think your sweet ass can punch me?!? Is that what you want ?!? A fight?!?" Esberstark pretends  he was not feeling anything about what Tracy said, but actually, he is hurting like hell in his heart, feels like his heart was like a rock keep falling from a well. "Now THAT is personal!!! I'm not scared to fight with an old Man, grandpa!" George can't hold back, he is being up a fight. "I'm just 48!" "You look like you are older than 70." George rush to Esberstark and push him on the floor. Pulling up his hand and try to punch Esberstark face. "Stop it!! Both of you, you two are driving me crazy!" Tracy calls out and walk on, "we are going TOGETHER!" Tracy ignores them both and keep on. Esberstark push away George and throw him on the ground and walk with Tracy, George sits on the ground looking at Esberstark back and pull up a pack of grass temp to throw at Esberstark, but he change his mind and throw a pack of grass away and stand back up.


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