#5 Shall we beggin?

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   The story has come to Tracy and Esberstark finally meet each other. Their conversation continue...

  "Why I haven't see you around in school?" Tracy ask Esberstark to find out more, "I have no idea, it fate I guess." Esberstark puzzle in his own brain. "How see your world look like?" "It was not clear, it wa blur can't focus. I can't remember what happens, I don't have my memorise, don't know who I am can't reginise anyone, I try to call out but I can't! The way I died is causing my respiratory system so weak, I don't feel hungry but I felt my sheet music was the only things that importants to me. I hold on to it, and each time I'm lost, there will be a strong feeling from my sheet music and tell me where to go. After giving times. I can breath, speak, even sing. Then I can start hearing things, people talk, laugh, cry, calling out. It all surounding me. Took me long time to learn how to not hearing them. After this wonderful time, the nightmare begin. I was swollen back to where I was traped. Back in that room. Dark. Cold. Alone. It like I still have a purpose in there. So I calm myself and search aroung in that room." "Wait! Do you know how long is that after you die?" George interrupting her again. "I don't know, I told you it was fussy. I guess it already five years later. Cause everyone dress different already. No the same way we dress," Tracy look into Esberstark eyes. "So I traped in that room again, I saw you walked out of that room, I stayed and wait for you, everything is happing all over again, when I get scared it get fussy again, the more not clear they are, the more I got scared. I do not think I can contral it, I know cause I've tried dos many times already, I guess my emotion will stay the same as I died." Esberstark hold Tracy toward to his chest and hug her very hard. "Don't be. I here now..." Esberstark clam Tracy down and try to protect her from hurting again. "Ah..." George try to speak. "Did I tell you to shut your mouth?!?" Esberstark got impatient for George rudeness. "No! I have an idea, Tracy, do you think you can go back and see what heppened?" George ask her for his smart ass "Yeah! I think so, but I've put lot of times to get out of there."  Tracy feel forceful about this. "How did you manage to get out of there?" Esberstark worried for her so he ask him to be sure. "I wait! I what till the thing pass on as the way they happened. Thing in there get more clear each time I got out of that room, so each time things get more clear for me to understand. I got carry out by the fire man. I able to get of that bed anytime when after get out of that room, but I never able to get out if this school, when they leave the school the bed I lie on will disappear and I fall on the floor. It like there is a huge forcefield blocking me out. " Tracy tell Esberstark what happened and going to happens. "Honestly I think gerige plans will work. But is it gonna be too much for you?" Esberstark is worrie for Tracy. "If it works, I want to do it, if it can really help me get out of this place. Yes!" Tracy said it with pleasure. "How did you came to my show at open day?" George want to understand more, "I saw and gear lot if people taking about the open day, and they also mention about you and your bang. Labels everywhere saying you gonna be the show main show. So I wonder since my word is getting more clear why not go see something new, so on that day, I follows the peoples,  walked in that hall. That how we meet!" Geroge feel it such a amazing journey she got there. "Alright then. Shall we beggin?" Esberstark suggested.

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