#7 to the dark

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Finally, they arrive the hallway of the music room, "You ready?" Esberstark asks Tracy, Tracy nodded her head. "I will be right at your side, okay?" Esberstark walks in with her, George helps them to led the way and open the door, the moment he twist the handle "George! What the hell are you doing here? You said you'll be back! where were you? I looked all over the school."Ryan runs to George and gives him a good hug, "Yeah, I was walking with Tracy" George is thrilling to see his Bestfriend. "Come on, let head back, our show is dying because of you. I'm no good leader." Ryan says it very frustrating. "Do you mind wait for a bit more? just a for a sec." George want to talk before going with Ryan "Tracy begins now, don't wait for me. Esberstark will do the work." Then he turn around and run with Ryan." who is that old man?" Ryan asks Geroge. "A staff caught me talking with Tracy in the Greenhouse, he got pretty upset and he bit on me won't let me go, long story." Geroge thinks even if he lies he have to base on the truth. "You're a free man now!" Ryan keeps putting jokes on him.

"Start when you ready!" Esberstark doesn't want to rush her, "I'm born ready, let get start!" Tracy is very determent on this. They walk into the room, instantly Tracy feels dripping and falling into the darkness. "Tom? where are you?" Tracy loose sight of Esberstark and scream out. she is thinking he was right there, holding her hand. everything is so dark that she can barely see her own fingers, after a while things getting a little bit lighter, she is back in that room again.

The piano is in front of her, the door is behind her, facing the window give the creeps to Tracy. She sees Tom sit there behind the piano, she walk to the piano chair and sit dow. then she hears an Esberstark voice calling her, "Tracy! I'm right here!" Esberstark calls out for her alone at the music room, he can't see her either. "Where are you? why I can't see you?" Tracy is very frightening right now. "I don't know, I think is because we can't be in the same world... but still you can hear me, that use that advantage." Esberstark can't see a thing at his view, only a music room for him. "I'm still here with you." Esberstark trying to claim her. "What can you see now?" Esberstark asks Tracy, "Ah... you just walked out because of someone calling you. then I sit by the door facing the window. at that time, I should see the REFLECTION! there is the reflection. Gives me the creeps every time." Tracy feels a breezing blow throw at her back. " Now! Tracy, stop there." Esberstark command. "what? how am I gonna do that? Tracy got no clue. "try to focus on it! it should be a clue for us, maybe he or she can tell us what happened." Tracy takes few steps back, close her eyes and take a few deep breath, then she opens her eyes, things is getting clear now, not that fussy anymore. She walk to the window and look closer at the window. "I... I think I knew him... I knew him, Tom! I know who he is!" Tracy screams out.


"Hey Ryan, did you look at the sheet music I gave you?" George starting to ask questions at Ryan. "Yeah I did! pretty good song. I think you can play it." Ryan has no idea what is going on truly. "did you show it to others?" George wants to be sure about what he and Tracy have talked about. "Yes! I show to them! all of us, so we could decide to play it or not!" Ryan spilt out. "That why That why we can see Tracy!" Ryan stops there and his face is full of questions mark. "Look at your face! you should go see a mirror now!" George take revenge on Ryan. "Hey... That not fair." Ryan feel shameful about this. "Come on, let get out of here" George change the subject.

"Hi George. Where were you?" Mka use her moan sound to attract George after he just arrive at the stage of rehearsing. "I'm going to explain now, gather up!!!" He clap his hand twis to notice them. Then he explain where were he and what happens to him.

"So... Where is that Tracy now?" Mka ask George with a little bit envy in it. "When she is done she will come here" as he speak Tracy run in to the hall. "I know who is the reflection!!! It Renny!" Tracy scream as she run in. "Who?" George asked.


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