# 11 Save Zone

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The ambulance arrive, the paramedics have to push the epi twice and shock him twice to get George back, luckily he have been reacting to the IV, George is safe now.

Beep... Beep... Beep...
George wakeup from the sound of his ECG, burning in his throat and chest, he look down and see there is a huge plastic pipe go in to his neck. He panic and confuse about what happening, he follow the pipe and see it connect with a huge machine that bumping air to his lung. He trying to speak but he couldn't, he start struggling and move around. "Mr Stoneking, please stop moving. I'll help you call the doctor, but please stay still." The nurse walk away.
"Easy... George... I'm your doctor, Dr Mike, I can see you have awake! And please let me explain, you were in an accident, you breathed in poision gas that will corros you respiratory system and causing you to got in cardio arrest, but you got luck! Your friend found a cure to purefied your poision, but you damage throat and lungs will remain. I have done a sugrey on you and I stop the bleeding, but you will need this tube for few days, this tube is connected to the machine name mechanical ventilators, you may experience such pain in your body, so I suggest if you really can't stand the pain you can click the nurse button anytime and ask for morphine. Nod if you understand." George bump his head into the pillow hard and hold his feast so hard that can blow up an apple, "alright than! Your friend is outside, you want me to send him in?" George just nod.

"Hey dude!" First thing Ryan said after he come in. He came in with wet messy hair and full of water drops on his leather jacket. "Woah! You look like crab! You breathing in this?" Ryan teasing George again. George want to talk back but he can't.
"Yeah! It raining outside,outside, rain like hell now, everything turn so dark and seems so different. No idea what going on. I get it, you still want to sing, but the doc said you need more time to recover, no time to catch up open day. I'll keep helping you to ask Tracy." Ryan seems like total understanding why George is thinking. George feel relief after hearing Esberstark is fine and he wants to get out if hospital as fast as he can. So he could catch up with his team. "The girl are doing fine, but they-well is not 'they' but Mka you know, she only obey to you, so she gave an order only dance when you and your guitar are here. She is so piss at you about when you lie to her that you were coming back soon and you did not." Ryan explain what else is happpening. George pull up his right hand and smash on his fore head and swipe down his face. He hold up his hand and swing in the air like he is writing, "Oh! You want to write?" Ryan grab a pack of paper at the table that next to George bed's.

'I'll come back as soon as I can, help me ask Mka can she help me teach Tracy dance, if she can't she will learn playing guitar and practice her singing skills from you.help me find Esberstark and tell him to come by. No need anyone else to come visit.'

"Alright... That simple...anything else?"

'Give this to Mka if she still hate you'

       I'm so sorry, will you trust me again?'

"Alright! Got to go! Good luck with you new look man!" Ryan couldn't stop teasing him.

'Get off! Wipe yourself dry before coming in!"

"Haha! Yeah sure! Let me take a pic of you before I go!"

George scrumble a peace I paper he just wrote and throw it to Ryan, to late. He still take a picture of him.

After Ryan walk away everything seems so quiet, only his heart beat is beeping at the back ground, only other sound is the rain taping on the window, he look outside, Brian was right, everything turn so dark like the evil is coming...


"What the hell?! Noway I'm gonna dance without him!" Mka is thrill after listening to Ryan, Ryan got no more words to say so he pass the paper George write to Mka, she calm down after reading it. "Alright... We will dance..." Mka finally agree on Ryan, "oh one more thing, can you teach Tracy to dance?" Ryan ask very nicely. "Yeah sure! She look great anyway!" She answer without doubt. "Really? You would?" Ryan got off gaurd, "yes! What wrong with that?" Mka rise her eyebrows. "Nothing!" Ryan turn around so fast and get ready for the practice, "practice till 10 tonight!" Ryan order.

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