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"So... Where is that Tracy now?" Mka ask George with a little bit envy in it. "When she is done she will come here" as he speak Tracy run in to the hall. "I know who is the reflection!!! It Renny!" Tracy scream as she run in. "Who?" George asked.

"It Renny! He studies science, mostly spend time in labtory." Tracy say more after she arrive and stop running. "The nerd!" Esberstark help George clear his question mark on his face. "He was a science student, always stay in the labtory do experiment and cauclatetion. Tracy always has been nice on him, he was isolate by others because of his intelligence." Esberstark explain everything. "But there is no way he could killed me, he is such a great person." Tracy clear for Renny. "Only one way to find out!" George suggest. "Let go find him! He should be like... 40 something like you?" George ask Esberstark. "Do you know his address?" Tracy look in to Esberstark and ask him. "You have ask the right person. Wait here, I'll go get it. I'll be back." Esberstark jog away and left them here. "So... Gather up!" Don't waste anytime! Practice makes perfect!" George keep being a leader. "You still in a mood to play music even after all this?" Tracy ask George. "Why not? We are falling way behind!" George really wants this show to be perfect. "Do you have any idea how importants this show is? It HUGE! It gonna let our principle to decide our team go or the frankins go to the championship of or state! Which is why I need to recruit a singer! A bright star! You!" George explain to Tracy why he need her so much. "Mka can sing for you!" Tracy try to pass the ball. "She..ah...she can't sing, they all sing horrible." George feel embarrass when talking about the girls. "They only have the look and dance, please! Sing with me!" George beg her. "How is anyone going to see me, I'm dead remember?" "You sheet music! Once we touch we can see you, same as the audience!" "How you gonna make everyone to touch it?" " I've few ideas, I can pull this off" George end the conversation. "I'm back!!!" Esberstark run back into the hall from the cave he made. "I've got the address here, I never suspect him, after all he is just a lab guy. We can go take a visit." Esberstark suggest a quick way. "I'll go with you!" George don't want to loose any chance to help Tracy to find out what happens. "Stay with me!" Mka grab George's hand and try to make him stay. But George just push her hand off and says he will be back soon and walk with Esberstark. Mka standing there start feeling little jealous of Tracy now.

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