#3 Heart beat again

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"Waite... Tom? Esberstark?!? Is that you?!?"
Tracy run to that men and try to hug him but her feet was like sticking on the ground and she couldn't reach to him,and she feels very compress by the air. Then everything go dark around her, after a second she fall in to the room she died, she is so scared and try to run and reach for help but I she couldn't there was no one! It was so dark and cold Tracy start on screaming Tracy help!Help!! Tracy! Tracy!!!
Tracy open back her eyes and she saw George shouting her name and hold her arms with both hand shanking her, waking her up. "You okay? You freak me out man, what happened?" George open his eyes very huge and staring at her. "It was weird, thanks for waking me up, I'm fine now." Tracy use her right hand to massage her left arm where George hold her very hard, she is pretty sure if she didn't wake up he will strangle her to death. She died but... You know what I mean. "George! Can you help me ask him?!?" Tracy ask George to help her. "Ah... Okay. Excuse me? Are you Tom Esberstark?" George ask nicely to the old men that crying on the floor right now for the flower he plug. "SUSH!!! Who tell you that?!? Why are you talking to the air?! Stop the drama" Esberstark walk toward to George so close that you can though their eyelashes can touch each other and grab George shirt to pull him closer. George flabbergaste that he close his eyes and almost scramble on floor and point his finger to Tracy with a shaking hand. "My name is Sverdlovsk. Don't try to fool me boy! What are you pointing at?" Esberstark hide his identity and ask George. "She is right there! Tracy kesinger!" Esberstark let go of his hand on George shirt and stand there freeze for few seconds. "Why shall I believe in this nonsense?" Esberstark don't believe him at all. "She died! I saw her body bring out from that room! Let her be in peace! Why you have to bring her up?!"Esberstark it feeling so sad about what happened and happening now. "Come on Tracy. Help me out!" George is begging at Tracy. "I spill my hot chocolate at him when's first day of school, it was at the library. Which is no drink allow. When the library lady saw us, you hold my hand and run together. Don't know why you did such stupid thing. You were not the one who drink it. After we run down the hallways we look at each other eyes for a minute. Then we laugh together with no reason. And that how we start." Tracy say it with a very sweet smile on her. Esberstark heart's finally starting to beat again after Tracy dead.George have to repeat her speaking again. "What about here? You remember?" Esberstark ask Tracy. Tracy take a good look around her, "this is it right? Our dream we always talked about, a fawless greenhouse with my design of the structure for the perfect environment for the sea lavender. You did it Tom!" Tracy start to cry, tears of joy. "You also remebe the joke? Esberstark ask after listen to George. "Never forgot you always says the sun from the west is the best cause is sun down, but I always says the east is the best from sunrise. I can see you have made it for both side." Years keep rolling down to her cheeks. Esberstark didn't say another word and just ask them to follow, George can see his eyes were full of tears. But he didn't say a word cause he is still afraid of what happen.

Tracy now know why she was feeling safe when he followed George, cause it happens at same when she ran with Tom. She start feeling wrong about this feeling... Why is it happening to both of them...

Sorry! Small passage this time! Cause it has to be separate in two chapter, soon will be update again! Thanks for reading.

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