#4 Beggin the path

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They follow Esberstark all the way. George keep thinking why he is trap in this, he was just trying to get her star, it noon now, he said he will be right back. He look back the passage they walk on grass all the way to his school. There is no turning back now. He curage up and move on. After walk on the grass for a long time, the grass is getting taller and taller as tall as a men hight. Then for a while Esberstark put his on a tree trunk and push! The tree trunk fall oven like a huge heavy door, Esberstark show them the way to go in and he close the tree trunk. It the perfect blending with the dry leafs. There is a rock stairs. They climb walk down there and wait for Esberstark show the way. Esberstark pull out his flashlight and shone the passage, it like the a walking in a tunnel that was roughly use explosive to blow the way up and don't have any supporting on it. More they go deeper the humidity is more high, the rocks is getting so slippy. George fall on the rock three times, such painful tunnel... he take out his phone and try to turn on his flash light, but than he find out the signal don't work down here...

When they feel the presure in their ears it almost the end of the tunnel there is to much moisture inside that you can see the water drops is dripping on the rock from the side. When they arrive there is a huge black metal gate that tall approach two meters! It was such huge peace of art, Tracy touch the gate pattern and feel the stroke on it, she regonse it sea lavenders. Esberstark pull out his huge key to put in the key hole and open it, Tracy get in first, George is the last one. "What! This is disappointing... I though in here will be more master and more graceful. But... It just papers... And boxes..." George stop talking when he feels Esberstark is staring at him. He is right! Nothing special at here, just a huge cave with lot of papers and files and so on...

"Why you being is here?" Tracy ask when she look around this place and pick up a paper to look at she see her names are on it. "She is asking why you bring us here?" George help her to ask him, but actually he want to ask more than Tracy dose. "It save at here to talk about... Make me believe what you said up there!" Esberstark still don't fully trust George. Geroge have no idea how then he feel his poket got something, he grab it it Tracy sheet music! It was just return back from Ryan. He pass it to Esberstark, once he touch it and he reginise it and memory of this "this is Tracy, TRACY!!" Esberstark look up and see Tracy stand there. "You can see me?!?" Tracy is thrill. "Yes!" Esberstark run to her and hug her that he did the same hug as 20 years ago... He still love him the se way as twenty years ago. "Ah... Have you forgotten me?" George interrupted such good mode of it. "Who is he?" Esberstark ask Tracy. "Ah... He is a guitar player at a bang and try to recrue me. Than... It a long story." Tracy got irritated once she talk about George. They hold on to each other more for awhile "why you never came back Tom?" Tracy ask Esberstark what happened back then. "I can fully explained that."

"At the time when I was called out, the death if yours already start. When I arrive the labtory, there was no one, just some... Lab stuff that I don't understand. Then I turn back try as fast as possible to come back to you Tracy, I did try hard. But than Lyon Racer show up, he said "well well! Look what we got here? It Tracy lover baby Tom!" I try to run pass him but he swing his baseball bat to swing at my right leg. I fell on the floor, I tried to get up but he hit me at the back again. I'm sorry Tracy I couldn't get there in time. They drag me to the hall and force me into the storage room torture me in there try to get where you are. They even... Even... I couldn't stand it anymore, so I gave it up, I though I can get there in time. But they knock me out. When I wake up the party beggin, it was their music that wake me up. I run outside the door was locked I scream for help. Finally there is few not yet drunk kid help me unlock the door. I ran to your room right away, my leg was in very bad shape. I ran at fast as I could. When I arrive there is fire coming out from your room, firefighters sucre the area and block me going in. I tell them you are inside, few of them go in and found you, when they come out... You already burn to death. I couldn't stand the pain and my legs pain at the same time. I faint. When I wake up at hospital it already two days after. I tell everything I know, so they investigate those assholes. They didn't live for long for somereason. Lyon lead the way, he died when the investagtion. The cops were asking him question, he panic when he heard you were dead. He knew it was bad for him. So he was going to tell the whole thing, but he died right away when he talks. It was poision but no trace. After his death, others freak out and went to hide, Michael dead after four months from smoking meth. Later on Kerry couldn't take the pressure so he committed suicide. After that the others disappear. No one finds them no baby no trace. So there is no hope of finding your killer. After graduation I becan a detective, but not for long. I was caught to steeling your files, they suspended me but never found the files, they don't care anyway. They are what you are staring right now boy!" Esberstark looking at George walking aroung like a five years old kid went to the Museum. "So I become a cleaner at your school, to hope I can keep investigate what happened, that how I build the green house" Esberstark end his story and looking at Tracy. Tracy take the turn to tell her story to him and they beggin to match up what happened on that day to be exact.

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