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One Bright Shining Star by Felicity-Joy
One Bright Shining Starby Felicity-Joy
  • poetry
  • star
  • hope
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Darkstar's Thoughts by BrightStar38
Darkstar's Thoughtsby BrightStar38
This is a short story about what Darkstar was mainly thinking in my story I will make called Brightstar's Destiny.
  • warriorcats
  • warriors
  • darkstar
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Brambleberry's Fury by InfiniteDarkness509
Brambleberry's Furyby Infinite
Brambleberry is finally rid of Fernfeather and believes he has Hawkwing all to himself. But his hopes of becoming mates with the brown she-cat are quickly destroyed when...
  • blazecloud
  • fury
  • brambleberry
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The New Stars by CinderpeltIsAwesome
The New Starsby CinderpeltIsAwesome
Ravenpaw and her sister, Robinpaw caused a battle between their Clan, BirchClan, and PebbleClan. Ravenpaw, frightened and dazed, runs off to a near-by Tribe, The Tribe o...
  • awesome
  • cinderpelt
  • brightpool
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PHILOPHOBIA (fear of love) by viyen_viyen
PHILOPHOBIA (fear of love)by BrightStar
LOVE? Love can be one of the most beautiful and amazing parts of life, but it can also be frightening at the same time Because I have an Philophobia fear of love takot...
  • teenfiction
  • philophobia
  • fearoflove
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After Me by viyen_viyen
After Meby BrightStar
Naniwala ka ba sa kasabihang 'Keeping something in for so long isn't always the best choice.' Yung may gusto ko sa isang tao tapos natatakot ka na sabihin sa kanya kasi...
  • annetukins
  • baseontrueevents
  • brightstar
Bramblescar's Trail by lpsrockstars07
Bramblescar's Trailby lpsrockstars 07
Bramblescar's pathway to her freedom won't last much longer. Or will it?
  • dandelionscar
  • bramblescar
  • brackenheart
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The Light: Lost dreams (warrior cats fanfiction) by River748
The Light: Lost dreams (warrior the_sketchy_dragon
Brightleap is faced with a long journey ahead of her. Will she follow through with her destiny? Or will she refuse to leave her friends and family.. (There may be a few...
  • journey
  • funny
  • brightleap
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Book of Characters by River748
Book of Charactersby the_sketchy_dragon
All my OCs (original characters) in one book :) WARNING: there probably will be a lot of them!
  • wings
  • warriors
  • dragons
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Warrior Cat Roleplay by anabavzh
Warrior Cat Roleplayby Brightstream
Welcome to the Thunderclan Warriors Camp. Sorry that there aren't other clans I just don't want this to get really hectic. There is currently spaces open for deputy, app...
  • hello
  • welcome
  • roleplay
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Brambleberry's Path by InfiniteDarkness509
Brambleberry's Pathby Infinite
Heatherfoot has given birth to a litter of kits, two toms that are perfect in her eyes. But their father thinks otherwise. As Bramblekit and Leafkit grow older and stron...
  • brambleberry
  • waterclan
  • birdsong
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BrightStar(updating ) by TigerDevilAkame
BrightStar(updating )by TigerDevil
'What happened to Tracy kesinger on 25th Jan 1996?' Detective Eberstark close up the investigation box and put it back where it left forgotten. You must be really confus...
  • music
  • horrow
  • tigerdevil
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Brightstar's Destiny by BrightStar38
Brightstar's Destinyby BrightStar38
Brightkit is born into Skyclan and grows into a strong apprentice. But will forbidden love and terrible disasters destroy her? And will the clans recover from someone's...
  • brightstar
  • warriors
  • warriorcats
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Warrior cats - A Hidden Wish: The Three have Arisen; book 1 by Featherinthewind
Warrior cats - A Hidden Wish: SolarEclipse
If you are have a warrior spirit then read on but if you don't like action the turn your kitty pet butt around cause this isn't the story for you, these three cats have...
  • sandstorm
  • riverclan
  • starclan
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Waterclan's Prophecy - Book 3: Survival (On Hold) by Brightstar1210
Waterclan's Prophecy - Book 3: Brightstar1210
Hawkwing gets kidnapped, Brightstar gets separated from her clan, Starstripe in a leaderless clan, and Nightfeather blames himself. The plot is thickening and Starstripe...
  • starstripe
  • starclan
  • brightstar
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Attack of the bird clans by PosinStar
Attack of the bird clansby PoisonStar
The peace of the bird clans have ended some truces still stand others don't
  • rainstar
  • brightstar
  • starclan
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Tears | A Pokémon Fanfiction by Brightstar_Writes
Tears | A Pokémon Fanfictionby marmalade
Flames, Water, Blood... A journey to be told about the wild pokémon that roam this vast emptiness. But some secrets are meant to stay hidden...
  • brightstar
  • writes
  • pokemongo
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Brightstar's Anger by Brightkit_101
Brightstar's Angerby suga kookie
Brightdawn is a warrior with loyalty, respect and kindness. She has the ability to hunt, and fight. How about her sister? That's a different story. Brightdawn's life was...
  • fantasy
  • dirt
  • firestar
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