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     I woke up before he could, so I can keep an eye him. I don't know what he was thinking yesterday. Killing himself ! Was he fuckin' serious ? I couldn't believe he would actually do something like that. Tears and sorrow in his eyes made me feel so guilty and weak all at the same time. I didn't know what to do but talk to him and pray he doesn't do it. I honestly do not know how today will go. I want to cancel the meeting with Mary and take today slow. I went to wake Jason up for school, and made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast. I made oatmeal, toast, and eggs. I didn't want to stand on my feet to long, so I made something small. I made his plate and placed in in the microwave until Jason came down the stairs. 


     " Jai, my friend Marco wants to know if I can go to his house after school to play with the other boys from class. Can I go? Pretty please?" I didn't want to let him go nor stop him from having fun. I just don't like him going to other peoples houses after the last incident. 

     " Not today Jason. Maybe tomorrow they can come over here okay? You guys can have all types of sweets from the snack cabinet, and they can see your new toys okay?" He just shook his head lowly. I sighed and pulled into the parking lot of his school. I got out with him, and walked him to the front gate. I kissed his forehead and let him go on his own. 

     I reached the house in 30 minutes after stopping to get ice cream. I really needed it, because my nerves were really bad. I opened the door and didn't see Drew downstairs, so I figured he would still be sleep or in the shower. I placed the ice cream in the freezer, and headed upstairs. I searched every room, but didn't see him. I tried not to panic, and just call him. The more I jump to conclusion the more I stress out and that's obviously not  for the twins that are due in a couple of weeks. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. 

1 Ring 

2 Ring 

3 Ring 

" Hello." I sighed and closed my eyes knowing he was okay.

" Hey. I came home and noticed you weren't here."

" Yeah, I went to get some groceries. I want to barbecue this weekend." 

" Sounds great. Wish I could have tagged along." I pouted like he could see me through the phone.

" Jainyah you know every time we go shopping you complain about your feet or being hungry." I laughed.

" Okay look what condition I'm in." He laughed too.

" Yeah I see it everyday." I smiled.

" Call me when your on your way home. I'm about to shower and rest. Oh and I cancelled the meeting with Mary today. I just want today to be a chill day. You know." He agreed.

" Okay. I'll give you a call when I'm done." I said okay and hung up. 


We were currently sitting on the couch watching re-runs of The Bad Girls Club. I laughed and ate my ice cream while he sat staring at the television like there was something wrong. He never liked The Bad Girls Club. He said is was childish, petty, grown woman fighting for no damn reason. He basically hated the show. I glanced at him and laughed. He nudged me, I and smeared ice cream on him face with my ice cream spoon and laughed at the big stripe of chocolate ice cream going from his cheek onto his lips. I laughed roughly until my sides started to hurt. I sat up right and held his face. 

     " Drew I told you to stop eating booty!" He snatched his face away, and I continued to laugh.

     " Okay. I'm...I'm sorry. " I said between my laughs. 

     " I know you are, now clean it off my face before I wipe it off with your phone screen." I grabbed his face, and inched closer to him. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. We need to get it done before Jason gets out. 

     I slowly licked and traced the ice cream on cheek, feeling my warm tongue glide across his smooth caramel face. I licked across his lips, and he opened his mouth allowing our tongues to collide with one another. Our lips moved in sync as we swamped saliva around back and forward. I removed his shirt, and he did the same to mine. He unhooked my bra, took turns placing and licking each breast. I threw my head back and moaned at the warmth that took over my swelled breast. He stood up, and slid his boxers and jeans off which gave me time to do the same. I laid back on the couch, as he positioned himself between me. I giggled at his childish ass smile he make every time he knows he about to some. He licked his lips and eased his way down south. I grabbed his head and brought him back up.

     " Don't tease me. I need you now." Those were the only words he needed to hear and before I knew it he was deep inside me. 


Drew, Jason, and I were sitting on the couch watching The Grinch, since Jason insisted we did. It was getting late, and Jason had fallen asleep twenty minutes ago and Drew followed behind him a few minutes after him. I stood up and turned the television off. I fixed Jason on the couch, because I couldn't carry him up anymore being pregnant. I walked up to grab blankets to cover them. I smiled and kissed both of them. I headed back upstairs to my own bed, and drifted off into a deep sleep. 

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