A Night To Remember

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I got in the car with Drew, and since it was a long ride on this beautiful dark night. I played soft songs from Pandora. Not even within 5 minutes I was knocked out. I didn't mean to fall asleep, but I was so comfortable and warm and the music just set the mood.
     I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned over. I hate being waken up. I felt wet kisses on my face. My eyes shot open, and Drew's face was right in front of mine. I smiled and sat up fixing myself. He held his hand out, and I stepped out the car fixing my hair and etc. We walked around the building to the front of the restaurant. It was magnificent. It was big and beautiful. With gold bright lights that said " Raphael's Dinner Palace " he ain't neva lied because looking at it, you'll think a King and Queen eat here. I held Drew's hand as we walked to the front booth. A handsome Hispanic man wearing a black and white suit with a red tie was standing behind the booth. I smiled as we approached him. I'm trying to be as polite as I can be.
     " Good evening. My name is Raphael and I will assist you two to your awaiting table. Do you have a reservation?" He asked.
     So he's the owner of this marvelous Palace.
     " Jones." He flipped through his papers, and finally stopped.
     " Drew?" He asked making sure.
     " Yes sir." He smiled and closed the book of papers.
     " Right this way." He guided us to a table in the back next to a window that was actually a big tv. It showed love pictures and hearts floating around. I was amazed by the sight. There was dimmed lights around our table with lit candles, and wine bottles in ice. Drew pulled my chair out, and before sitting down I kissed him. He sat in his chair, and we directed our attention to Raphael.
     " I will have one of my best waiters come to your service. Until then, can I start you two off with anything?" He asked.
     " No. I'm fine." Drew agreed, and the owner walked to the back.
     Drew grabbed the glasses, and poured our wine. I swirled mine around for a bit, and looked up to Free staring at me. I couldn't help but smile and blush.
     " You're so beautiful Jainyah. Really! I really mean it and I really love you. I want to be with you for the rest if my life and tonight I'm going to prove it to you. I wouldn't be able to live without you. You keep my heart pumping everyday. Just knowing your here with me makes me grind even harder everyday to support you and keep you here. Your my life, my way, my light, my world. Your the reason why I'm a changed man. I fell for you the first day I seen you. I knew I had to have you. And now we're here doing fine. Your having my kids, Jason's like a son to me, and you, my soon to be wonderful wife. Jainyah I love you." By the time he was in the middle of pouring his heart out, I was already crying. It means a lot to me that he said all of that. I couldn't hold the tears in. My make up was ruins, but I don't care. All I care about is this man that is sitting in front of me. Drew. I reached across and grabbed his hands.
     " Baby I love you too, and I love the fact that I am having babies with you. Yeah we had a rough and bumpy road in the beginning." I laughed thinking about all the horrible things that happened in the past.
     " But your the love of my life, and I was willing to do whatever I had to do to be with you. You were that missing piece I never had, and when we met, I felt myself being completed. Having you in my life was crazy, but I'm glad we worked together and made it this far. I love you so much baby, and I never will stop. What you did today was beyond what I expected. It was wonderful and really greatful baby." I said in tears. He stood up and leaned across the table, my face met his and our lips connected. We shared a very passionate kiss. We departed when the waiter arrived.
     " Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Jones. I'll be your waiter. My name is Melissa and anything you need I will get for you." I nodded.
     " Have you already chosen your appetizers or would you prefer your main meal?" She asked.
     " I'm actually ready for the main meal." Drew said. I agreed.
     " Have you already chosen your meal or do you need more time?"
     " Let me look over the menu and I'll have an answer within a minute." I said. I didn't want her to walk back and forward.
     " Okay ma'am." We both looked over the menu and my eyes landed on the shrimp platter.
     " Okay I'm ready." She opened her note pad and began to write.
     " I'll have the ultimate shrimp platter. With extra shrimp dip." She nodded and turned to Drew.
     " And for you sir."
     " I'll have the baked potato special with a little extra butter on my potato." She nodded and closed her notepad.
     " Your order should be coming in no more than 15 minutes. Just in case you get hungry, I'll bring our signature cheesy bread and garlic bread."
     " Thank you Melissa." She nodded and walked back into the back room.
     Drew and I continued to talk about tonight and how we extremely adore each other. I talked about the past and got emotional. He apologized a million times within the last 5 minutes, but I told him all that matters now is us. As in Jason, the twins, him, and myself.
     " Hello. Here are your plates. For you ma'am, and for you sir." She placed the plates in the table.
     " Thank you." She said ' thank you ' and she walked away but stopped.
     " I couldn't help but notice how big you are. Is it twins? My sister is having twins and she's about the size you are." I smiled.
     " Yes I am having twins. I'm going on 6 months next week." She nodded.
     " What is it like you know? To be pregnant?" I thought for a minute.
     " Well at first your going to be shocked that your even pregnant if you weren't planning it. But eventually your going to be amazed by the thought of you having your own kid you know. Its a blessing so cherish it. Do you have any kids or want any?" Her face rose into a half smile.
     " I was pregnant about 5 months ago, but I lost the baby due to stress and depression. I was struggling to keep this job, but I needed the money so I continued to work here until it gotten close to me going into labor. My babies father left after he found out, and I became stressed thinking about what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it all alone. I was just worried about the bad and not the good. I do plan on having kids again, but I'm just scared if the same thing happening again." She wiped her face.
     " Its okay. Here look." I written my number down in her notepad. " If you ever need anything I'm here okay. I'm just one call away. I promise. Just take it slow okay. Don't rush or jump into anything." She nodded.
     " Thank you so munch and enjoy the rest of your evening." She walked back to the kitchen.
     Drew and I spoke upon her past, but nothing bad. We eventually changes the subject and talked about ourselves. We finished and left $300 as a tip for Melissa.
     We were on our way out, but Drew stopped.
     " Oh babe hold on I forgot something." I nodded and he didn't go back to the table, he went toward the kitchen. I sighed. What now? The door swung open, and waiters came out. One rolled a red carpet down the isle, and a lady waitress threw white roses on the carpet. My favorite flowers. Drew walked out with a white box with gold sparkles on it. My two favorite colors. I smiled as he walked down the carpet. My eyes began to water as the tears constantly flowed down my face. I covered my mouth, because when I cry my lip shakes. Lol. He walked up to be, and handed me the box. It was a piece of my favorite triple fudge devil cake. I smiled and got on one knee. My knees began to shake and my heart ♥. He smiled and I can tell he was nervous.
     " Baby you that I love you right, and that I want to spend the rest if my life with you and my kids. You bring joy and happiness in my life. Before we even met my past was crazy as fuck and I was at a point were I use to do drugs and I had to take my pills heavily. After meeting you, I stopped taking the pills, because with you around I felt like I wasn't depressed. Basically my anger went away. I was wrong, because if what we went through. More if what you went through because of my stupid actions. After working together we accomplished a lot and I'm really thankful for you being in my life to make me a better person. I want you to always be in my life so therefore Jainyah Marie Johnson will you become Mrs. Jainyah Marie Jones?" I cried so bad. Gosh I love this man.
     I nodded. I was too speechless. Too in shock. Too surprised. Too into my emotions. He placed the all gold and silver diamond ring on my finger. He stood up and kissed me. Picking me up of my feet. The waiters including Melissa clapped in excitement.
     This is a night to remember!

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