Are You Serious?

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Drew ♔♔♔
We arrived to Red Lobster and I paid for everyone. Jason and his friends were at the table in front of us, while Jainyah and I had our own table. We were eating and having a good time.
" So. When I called you the other night, I had to ask you something, and after today, I think it would be a good idea." I explained to her. She gave me that " Is he crazy" look.
" What is it?" She gave me her full attention.
" Today I had a great time with you and Jason's friends, and I would love to do this everyday. Y'all showed me a great time. And since you want to move and that whole take a month thing. I want you to stay with me for that month. Please until you get you a place. I just enjoy your company, and I think it would be great for me to have fun with Jason and them." She smiled at my words, but I can tell at the same time she was thinking about it.
" I think that would be great, but I really don't know what to say Drew." I nodded.
" How about this then. Jason?" I called. He cane from his table to ours.
" Would you like to come stay with me for a while with your sister?" His eyes became big, and we started laughing.
" That would be really fun!!" He cheered. I looked over at Jainyah who was smiling. I winked at her.
" I guess we can work this out." I smiled big, and grabbed both of her hands.
" When do you want to move in?" I asked.
" Move in?" She asked laughing. Maybe I was getting a little carried away.
" You know what I mean." She nodded.
" With all of Jason and my stuff. We will have our things packed in 4 days. So maybe Thursday." He nodded. That was only what 5 days away. I could do that.
" Sounds good to me." She smiled and looked at me.
" Come here." She blushed and slowly sat beside me. I carassed her cheek and slowly moved in to kiss her. Our lips connected, and we moved at the same pace. It felt amazing. I pulled away, only to ram our lips back together, adding my tongue. I pulled away, and kissed her forehead.
" Okay. Since you told me what you wanted to know. I want to know something to." I already knew what it was.
" Wassup?" I asked
" When we were on the phone, you said you would tell me in person. What was that about?" I took a deep breath. After I tell her this, she might not want to stay with me.
" Uhm that nasty business I had to take care of was related to gang shit." I slowly eased into the conversation.
" So your a gang banger?" She asked but more in a understanding way.
" Yes, and when someone betrays your team for another, and they steal all your money. What would you do?" I asked her. She thought for a minute. " I probably beat his ass and let him leave." Wrong answer I thought.
" Well in our world, you can just let them leave, because they know too much. Remember, they worked for you. So you have to do way more. Like making sure they can't see another day." Her eyes widened.
" Oh my. Are you serious?" She whispered.
" Yeah. If you don't. They will plot against you and kill your whole team and family. Therefore you have to move quickly." She sat there and let out a deep breath.
" So you just kill people?" She whispered. I shook my head laughing.
" No. I kill people when I have to. I just sell drugs and collect money. See our boss is at the top of the game. His dad own our gang, but he died. So people often try to knock us down, but never success. We have a strong crew." I said.
" Not really if people keep leaving and betraying you. That means the other people have more to offer and give them. Things you don't." I nodded. She's a smart lady.
" True. But after we find out, they won't be able to get what they offered, because we kill them." She nodded.
" So how did you become apart of this. I mean is there a story to your background?" Of course there is. I nodded, abs knew she wanted to hear it.
" I never really tell anyone this, but I trust you." She nodded.
" I was about 10 when I seen my dad doing this game shit. He never showed my mom any attention. I mean he was too into it. Sometimes when he couldn't get the work done, he would get frustrated and take his anger out on my mom. Physically, verbally, emotionally, and mentally. I felt real bad. After a while he left us for some white rich lady. My mom and I became low on money. We were struggling. My home boy Clown told me all about the game and the money. I gave it some thought, and he finally introduced me to everyone and we began slanging. I was his partner until he died making a drop. After him dying I became hard into the streets. I moved my mom out her old neighborhood and bought her a new house, where she's currently living now. I keep her supplied with money, and me. Its a win win. Oh and til this day, I still don't know where my dad is. Not that I care or anything, I just sometimes wonder what he be doing." I said ending the conversation. This shit did kind of hurt how my past was. He put us through a lot. Mainly my mom.
Jainyah looked at me and wrapped her hands around my back hugging me. I smiled and hugged her back getting a smell of her perfume. She kissed my cheek. I wish it was more than that, but I accepted it.
" I'm going to see if the kids are ready, and we can go to my house." I nodded. She walked over to them. She shared a few words with them, and they got up. One boy looked sad. I stood up with them, and headed out.
" Psst." I called her.
" Huh?" She said turning around.
" What's wrong with little man?" I pointed to I think Damion.
" He has it hard at home, and he isn't ready to go there." I nodded understanding his pain.
" Damn. Maybe things will get better for him." She nodded.
" I always let them come to my house to have fun with Jason. I hate to see him like that." She has a good heart man.
" That's really nice of you." She just smiled and put them in the car. I let her get in, and I closed her door.
" I'll follow you home." She nodded and pulled out.
We were at her house eating popcorn and watching Next Friday. I love this movie, and Jason and his friends seem to like it also. The kids were on the floor, and I was sitting beside Jai on the couch. I spotted her looking at me a couple of times, and when I would catch her, she would just laugh. My phone and Pooka popped up. Then I instantly remembered the meeting I called. I hopped up and gathered my things, and answered my phone.

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