Please Don't

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I arrived back home around 8 with Jason. I took him to an arcade to ease my mind, and to let him have fun. He hasn't really been anywhere since we moved. He usually asks, but for some reason he's just been in the house. It's really unlike him. I locked the door behind us, and set him to his room. I turned the light on so I can see where I was going. I jumped at the sight of Drew's body sitting in the living room chair. I dropped all my bags after noticing what he was doing.

     " Drew baby what is this? Why are you doing this? Please don't Drew. Please !" I cried. He was holding his all black pistol in toward his heart. I didn't want to step toward him and he do it, so I stayed where I was. 

     " Drew why are you doing this? If it's about the stupid argument we had earlier Drew, I'm sorry okay. I forgive you lets forget about it Drew. Just don't shoot yourself." I begged.

     " Jai what's going on?" Jason was coming down the stairs.

     " J Bug go back upstairs and don't come back down at all. Not until I go up there." I heard his footsteps head back upstairs.

     " Drew please say something." I cried out.

     " You were right. I'm not a changed man. I will hurt you again, and I will continue to hurt you. I make you cry and you called the wedding off. Soon you would leave with Jason and the kids, and what would I have to live for huh? Nothing!" He yelled making me jump.

     I slowly walked toward him. " Drew you are a great changed man, I just pissed you off okay. It's not your fault. I did it because of my hormones. I didn't mean a word that I said. I would never call the wedding off baby. I want you to be in my life forever Drew. You and the kids need you. Drew don't do this please. I don't know what I would do without you. J Bug needs you Drew. He looks up to you an and he would be devastated if you take your life away right now Drew. Please don't. I'm here now and forever. I will never go away." I placed my shaky hand on the gun, and tried to move the gun from his hand, but he held onto it tightly. He stared in to my eyes forcing me to look at his painful gloomy eyes. I cried even more knowing he wasn't letting this gun go.

    " Drew please don't do this dammit your scaring me. Just drop it !" I yelled. I heard the heavy steel gun hit the floor. I sighed of relief, and quickly embraced him. I cried heavily onto his shoulder.

     " Drew I love you okay. Promise me you won't do anything like that again ." I said looking him in his teary eyes.

    He just stared at me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. That was scary as hell. I didn't know what to do, but I'm just really glad he dropped the gun. If he would of let he gun go off, my life would have been over. My soon to be husband is dead, bringing the twins into this world with no father, J Bug will be so heart broken, and I would be a total wreck. I picked the gun up carefully, and placed it into my purse, and led him to our bedroom. I ran shower water, and undressed him and I . I stepped in with him, and held him in the shower, letting the hot water rinse today off of us. He hadn't said a word and God knows how long he's been sitting there since I left. I'm thankful he didn't do it while I was gone. That would have been a true heart breaker. 


I made him take his bipolar pills , and sleeping pills. We both laid in bed, but I just couldn't fall asleep yet. Who would blame me? I'm still scared he has another gun laying around somewhere. I sighed and look over at him with his eyes wide open.

     " Drew say something to me please. Anything." I just need to hear him so I know he's okay.

     " I love you." I wiped his tears away and kissed him softly. 

     " I love you too." I placed my arm around tightly around him before drifting off into a deep sleep after him.  

Short but Crazily  Good Right ?!?!?!?

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