About Last Night

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I woke up naked, and Drew was right beside me naked. I hopped up, and h head started to spin. I ran straight to the bathroom to throw my insides up. I felt my hair being lifted out of the way. I stood up, and brushed my teeth followed by my face. I hopped in the shower, and washes my body ever so soflty. The warm water beatimg against my skin was so lovely. The smell of my sunset body wash filled the room putting me in my mood. When I finished, I hopped out, and fixed my hair into a neat bun. I walked through Drew's room to mine. I threw on a white tank top, and black shorts. I lotioned my body with my sunset body lotion, and put on my black bow sandals. I put a pair of sunglasses on because my eyes were red. I grabbed .y car keys, and peeked my head in Drew's room. He wasn't in there. I ft someone grab me roughly, and I screamed. He laughed roughly and loudly. I turned around and punched him I'm his shoulder.
" That was not funny, and it hurted asshole." He was trying to say something but he kept laughing.
" It wasn't even that funny." I pushed past him, but he grabbed me and pulled me into his chest.
" I'm sorry scary Jai." I sucked my teeth and he laughed. I pushed him, but he forced me back into him.
" Okay I'm really sorry." I smiled and he kissed me. He slipped his tongue in, and we moved our lips in the same motion. He pilled away, and I pecked his lips once more.
" Where you goin all dressed up?" He asked looking at my ass. I mushed his face.
" To pick Jason up from school, and take him to get some food. Wanna come or what?" He nodded.
" Lemme get my shoes and shit. We takin my Rolls Royce in the back yard." I turned around and looked at him.
" You have a Rolls Royce. Oh my I have to drive. Can I? Can I?" I asked like a big kid. I love Roll Royce's.
" No." I pouted.
" Thats not fair. I let you drive my Aston Martin." I said bringing up old shit.
" Man how long ago was that?" He asked laughing.
" Just this one ittt bitty time pleaaaaaase." I said laughing. He scratched his head and threw the keys. I ran and jumped on him. I kissed all over his face. I jumped off him, and ran around this big ass house to the back yard garage. I looked at the car, and ran my finger across it. I unlocked the door, and it was just beautiful in the inside. I sat down and closed the door. I touched the leather around the car, and started it up. Drew came on the other side, and mugged me. I laughed.
" Don't be hatin." He laughed, and I put it in drive. I drove around to the back gate, and opened it driving out. I pulled up to Jason's school, and I seen him sitting on the wall with a girl. She looked familiar.
" What the fuck!"
As we pulled up to the school, I seen Jason sitting on the wall with a little girl. Probably his girlfriend or some. Jasona and the girl turned and looked at he car. Hold up.
" What the fuck!" I yelled.
" What!?" Jai said.
" That's my niece. What the fuck she doing all he way on this side of town?" I hopped out the car. Jai followed behind.
" Uncle D what are you doing here?" She asked shocked.
" I came to pick Jason up. Why you allghe way at this school?" I asked her.
" My mom was taken by the police 3 days ago, so grandma May took me to her house. She lived near by. I guess I'm staying with her." I scratched my head.
Grandma May is my sister dad mama. I only met her twice.
" Okay uhm is she coming to get you?" I asked.
" No Grandpa Harold is." I nodded.
I told her to give me a piece of paper, and I wrote my number on it.
" Have them call me. Please give this to them." I kissed her forehead.
" Okay. Wait here's his car now." She said.
" Just give him the paper." She nodded, and I blew her a kiss.
We were at Baskin Robins eating ice cream with Jason. We all had random flavors. It was actually good.
" Since we are all doing good. Can I come back home in a few days?" Jason asked.
I looked at Jainyah. It really is my fault all of this happened. I quit taking my pills, because Jai made me so happy, and I thought I wouldn't need them anymore. I stopped taking them, and everything went crazy. Sometimes I don't even know why I hit her. My mind just takes over everything.
" Uhm I'll think about it. It's really not a decision I can make at this moment." Jai said. I just put my head down. Damn I feel so bad. I felt her put her hand on my leg, and I faked a smile.
" Okay, but it Joel keeps farting in my face while he's sleep, I might just get sent home." We all laughed.
" Speaking of Joel, I need to call his mother. She said for me to call her about some plans she had."
" How old is she?" I asked.
" Like 27 or something." I nodded.
" Why?" She asked.
" I thought she was old. Like 30 or something." She laughed.
" Well 30 isn't old at all." She disagreed.
" To you it isn't." I laughed.
" So when I hit 30 are you going to leave me for a 20 year old?" She asked straightly.
" Its possible. We don't know where we are going to be in what 8 or 9 years." She nodded.
" That was a good answer." I smirked.
" I know it was. I left you something to think about didn't I ?" She laughed.
" Jai I'm kind of sleepy." Jason said rubbing his eyes.
" Okay uhm you wanna go to Joel's house now?" She asked packing everything up.
" Yes. I have to do homework too." She nodded and took his hand, and lead him to the car.
" Is this one of your new cars Jainyah?" Jason asked.
" No. Its Drew's car." He sat back I'm his seat until we pulled up to Joel's house.
" Aiight little man. I love you." I told him. He just nodded.
" Call me before you go to bed. Tell Mariah I'll call her tonight." She kissed him, and he walked to the front door. The lady opened it, and Jai honked. She waved, and we drove back home.

I laughed, blushed, and cried as Drew sang Jacquees Perfect to me. It was so cute. I recorded him and put it on Instagram and Snapchat. He finished up and kissed me deeply. I smiled against his lips as we pulled apart.
" My turn." I played Tyniesha First Love. This song explains exactly how I feel about him.
I sang to him, and slowly climbed onto his lap so that we were face to face. I slowly rocked my hips letting out a moan to spark the moment. I grinded against him, and rubbed all over his body. I kissed his neck, and ran my lips across his lips. I ran my fingers through his hair, and eased my hands down his back. I pulled his shirt over his head, and kissed his body. I ran my nails along his 6 pack and traced his tattoos. I grabbed his hand, and stood him up. I ran my hands from this 6 pack, to his back. I placed my hands on his shoulders, and dragged them down his back lightly scratched him. He loves that. I put both hands on his hip, and slowly entered his boxers. I grabbed his member, and stroked it. The song went off, and I made my way in front of him. I kissed him, and he picked me up. He carried me up the stairs, and placed me on the bed. He took his clothes off, and I did the same. I climbed in bed with me, and I wrapped my legs around him while we kissed. I placed his hand on my breast massaging it, as he went down. He kissed my other set of lips, and his tongue did his magic.
I moaned and yelled out his name as he climbed deeper in me. I scratched the hell out of his back. He thrusted harder and deeper with every stroke. He would go fast as fuck then slow sending an extreme orgasm through m body. My weakness. He slowed down and I felt a warm liquid shoot inside me. He slowly pulled out, and kissed me. I smiled, and wrapped the covers around me, but I stopped.
" Come shower with me." He smiled and stood up.
I woke up I'm Drew's bed. I smiled, and faced him. I kissed his lips, and stood up. I walked into my bathroom, and started my hygiene routine. I left my hair curly, and I applied little make up. I put on white pant, my red shirt, and my red forces. I went to his room, and he was putting on his shoes. He was fully dressed. He had on tan cargo shorts, his black 'Trap Nigga' sweater.
" Where you goin?" I asked standing in the doorway.
" To the trap. He said not making eye contact.
" Mhmm. Then after that...." I said waiting for more.
" Make some drops and back home to you. Where you going?" I smiled. He is such a smart ass.
" If you must know. I'm going to lunch with Mariah at Chilli's." He nodded.
" Save me something unless you gone cook." I laughed.
" I'll cook dinner. But can you pick Jason up at..." He cut me off.
" I'll be in front of his school at 2 exactly. Go have fun." I smiled and walked over t give him a kiss. After that, I hopped in my Aston Martin, and drove to Chilli's to meet her.

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