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Its been a whole month, and everything is going good. Jai and Drew told me about the babies. I'm excited because I been waiting for someone to play with. No one really knows but Drew's family and Ms. Jean. We don't have much family on our side. Thats why Jainyah and I have been on our own for so long. I always wished for a big family, but it is what it is.
Right now, we are buying things for the baby. Jai said when her stomach gets bigger, she isn't gonna want to move. I really don't understand, but its whatever.
We walked aisle to aisle up and down BabiesRUs. We walked to the cash register, and bought all our items.
" Jason, where do you want to go this weekend. Maybe pick up Damion and have some fun." Drew suggested.
I shrugged. " Damion always wanted to go to K 1 Speed, so I guess we can go there." I said. I kind of wasn't in the mood to do anything. Especially with Damion. It won't be the same if Joel isn't here. It was always us three. It would be kind of weird.
" Okay. How bout we go b his house on our way home, and let his parents know." I nodded.
We loaded the car with the groceries. We headed back to the city.
" Wassup Damion." I dapped him when he opened the door.
" Drew's taking me to K1 Speed tomorrow around 1. Can you come?" He nodded and told me to hold on. He walked back inside.
" Hay sweetie." His mom said.
" Hi. My sisters boyfriend is taking me to K1 Speed tomorrow at 1. Can Damion join me?" I asked nervously. I hate asking other peoples parents for things.
" Sure. Are you guys going to get him or do I have to drive?"
" We will more than likely come and get him."
" Okay. Hell be ready. Tell them I said hi." I nodded and ran off her porch.
She creeps me out for some reason. After Damion told me how she actually treats him, she scared me more than ever.
" She said he can go and hi." I buckled up and sighed. I didn't even look at thee house going past.

I sat on the bed getting a foot massage from Drew. It felt so good. I had my hand on my belly, feeling them make little moves. Drew loved to feel them. I would always smile when I feel them. I was watching Scream these Tv series. Its actually interesting.
" No Riley climb faster!" I yelled at the Tv. He was about to kill her.
" Babe shh. Jason is sleep." Drew said.
" Do you know who many rooms away he is? He can't hear anything." He smiled.
" So we can do the do and he won't hear?" I smiled. I haven't had sex in a minute and I would love it.
" Yeah." He climbed on me, and tool my clothes off for me.
Today I go in to get the gender of both babies. I'm so excited. Drew and Jason had already left to the race track thing. Drew wanted to stay, but I told him I would surprise him with the answers when he get home. I hopped in my black BMW X6 I bought last week. It was time for me to get a new car. I played my Mixed Playlist on. Its just a mix of songs I like. From soft to hard rap.
I signed in, and sat in a chair waiting to be called in. I noticed this mixed girl looking at me. She looks about 17 or 18.
" Hi." I said politely.
" How many months are you?" She asked.
" I'm 2 months and 3 weeks." I said.
" I'm only 3 weeks. Its my first child." I smiled.
" Are you happy?" I asked. " Having a baby is a blessing. You know some woman can't have any and would be happy to have a child."
" Yes I am happy, but I didn't plan it. I didn't have this baby by choice." When she said that, I felt so bad.
" Oh my. I'm so sorry." A tear fell fr her eyes, and mine slid out too.
" Jainyah Johnson." My name was called. I looked at the lady, and back at the girl.
" I'll be out in no time. Can you sit and wait here for me. I would really love to talk to you if its fine."
" Okay yeah I'll be here." I nodded, and went into the room.
" Good afternoon Ms. Taylor." I smiled, but the girl was still on my mind.
" Good afternoon dear. Are you ready." I nodded.
" Here you go." She handed me a piece of paper.
" This is one kid." I opened the paper.
" Girl "
" Oh my gosh yes." I laughed happily.
" Here goes the other paper. This one is pretty obvious." She said.
" A boy?" I asked.
She nodded. " Oh my. I kind of new I was having a boy." I smiled happy.
" I can't wait to tell Drew. He's going to be so happy. Even Jason. He would have a boy to play with now." I smiled.
" Oh my gosh are you serious!?" Drew cheered.
" Yes. Now I won't be the only boy anymore." Jasn smiled hugging me.
" I can't wait." Drew said.
" I don't think none of us can." I said holding my stomach feeling them moving.

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