Chapter 2

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A/N: Who I imagine as Genevieve & Tristan. :)

I scramble up onto my knees, gasping when I fall back down. I pull off my heels, gasping when arms grab ahold of mine. I look up, seeing Tristan pulling me up hurriedly. I jump up, grasping his hand as we sprint forward.

Seagulls in swarms are loud above us as we run out into the parking lot. He looks up at the sky and turns, running into the building, taking me with him.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" I shout as we enter the mobbed lobby. Some of the roof has already caved in. There's a couple hiding beneath the table in the waiting room. I pull on his hand, trying to get free.

"Higher ground!" He shouts, shooting forward for the staircase. He pulls me in front of him, following closely behind me as we sprint up the large steps. The stairs in front of us break apart in front of my eyes, to my horror.

"Jump!" He bellows, pushing me forward. I do so, making it over the steps, falling to my knees. He's behind me, pulling me up within seconds. "Don't stop moving! Don't stop!"

We make it up the building and I push open the door to the roof with a panicked shove. He lets go of me with a breathless gasp, rushing to the railing overlooking the ocean. The ground suddenly stops shaking and everything goes still. I look around at the toppled buildings, trees- cars as I walk forward to stand next to him.

That's when I notice the water receding, pulling the tide back. Boats now are settled on dry land. People still inside the resort look out at the ocean in awe. I quickly realize why Tristan wanted us to get to higher ground.

"Tsunami," I utter, grasping the railings. "Tsunami... Tristan."

Breathing heavy, he looks around us, probably for a secure place but there aren't any. We can only hope this two-story building is high enough and strong enough to withstand the impact. I look down at the people below us, shaking my head.

"We- we have to help them, Tristan. They don't know-"

"The staircase is caved in, Genevieve. No one can get up here anymore."

I look down at my bare feet, biting my lip to stop the trembling. Oh god. This is really happening. Raising my shaking hands, I wave, hoping to get the families attention below us.

"Hey! Hey! You need to get to higher ground! Please!" The woman with a large gash on her head looks up at me. "You need to get away from here! There's going to be a tsunami! Please!"

And just like that, the sirens go off.

The sound chills every muscle- every bone in my body to my core. I drop my hands to my sides, looking over at the man next to me. He stares at me, his eyes cautious and fearful.

I don't know if it's the fact that we're facing death or that we simply need someone to hold but I rush into him, grasping his back hard enough to cause him to gasp. He wraps his arms around my shoulders, leaning his cheek against my skull. I feel his rapid heartbeat against my face.

"We'll be okay, Genevieve."

"We're not high enough." I utter over the sirens as horrified tears blind my vision. We're going to die here.

I keep my hands wrapped around him, turning my head reluctantly to look out over the water. I always expected a tsunami to be this large, astronomical wave towering hundreds of feet in the air. Movies had always made it seem like that's what it looks like but really, it looks more like surge of water.

People are standing by the shoreline, watching it, probably still unsure as to what is happening. The noise is deafening, almost as if a train were passing right by my ear... Everyone is hearing it though. It isn't just me. I'm frozen in place, unable to look away no matter how much I want to.

I watch the current grow stronger miles away from the shoreline in horror... That's how strong this will be. I've never seen anything like it before. I don't even see the water rising until the last minute.

My heart drops to my gut as the wave crests, coming over the shoreline, making people disappear before my eyes as if they were ants.

People are dying. Trees are disappearing.

"We're not high enough!" Tristan shouts as we both begin to run in the opposite direction. The top of this wave is going to go right over his building. I push us behind the wall of the staircase to the roof, pulling him to me, hoping the cement will sustain, forcing the wave over and around us.

There isn't enough time to beg him to hold on... There isn't even enough time to breathe. Just the force of the wind before the water hits pulls us off the wall, separating us and within seconds, I'm submerged in water.

Flailing, I'm being thrown into objects- hard and even harder objects. I feel myself slam against something that feels like i've hit into a train and I swear I feel my entire body paralyze with shock at impact. The pain in that moment is almost unbearable. The weight of the incoming water is strong enough to make it impossible to escape what feels like a concrete wall. I manage to pull myself up, already out of breath.

I'm already out of breath. I'm going to die.

As soon as I get over the object, I'm pulled by the current at what feels like lightning speed. I feel a crunching in my abdomen and can't help but cry out in pain, swallowing water.

Breaking the surface, I'm able to get a breath in before I'm dragged back down. I couldn't even open my eyes to see where I am. To see where this deadly current is taking me. I try to grab something- anything that may help me stop moving but everything I touch, my grip isn't strong enough to hold onto.

I realize this is the moment I'm going to die. I feel my throat constrict tightly, desperate to breathe oxygen. I shake my head, feeling my body tumbling through the water, bumping and scratching into unknown objects.

I don't want to die. I want to live...

Is Tristan dead? He's probably dead.

Suddenly, my flailing ceases as I feel my hands grasp something. I hold onto whatever it is for dear life, pulling myself up with my feet. My bare feet touch metal and I pull my head from the water, sputtering. I suck in a deep breath, realizing I'm holding onto a car that's completely molded into a large tree. The windows are broken and my hands are holding onto the metal between the front and back door windows.

I scrunch my eyes together, bracing myself as objects hit into me, threatening to take me back into the abyss of rushing water. I don't know how long the water continues to come, but eventually, I feel the rush stop- the current completely ceases. The car I'm holding onto skids down the tree, dropping me fast into the water. Screaming in fear, I claw my way up onto the roof, gasping from the pain in my stomach. The car halts and I deflate from my defensive pose, coughing.

Sprawled on my hands and knees, I stare at my hands against the battered red SUV, knowing I've never seen them twitch this way. Couches, cars, light posts pass by me, floating by the car. I look out, desperately looking for any signs of life. I have no idea where I am. I don't recognize anything. There's no buildings... Nothing but destruction. I can see dark smoke clouding the sky already from fire.

I call out, a terrified scream but no one answers. I realize I'm alone. I'm completely alone.

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