Chapter 12

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There is a soft breeze in the air as we exit through the large doors, making our way among the others into the night. There's chatter coming from almost every soul around us but we continue forward in a strange, silent contentment.

Our arms brush against each other and his hand touches mine, his fingers slowly entwining with my fingers. I smile, unable to help myself as his thumb skims the ridge of my index finger.

"Thank you for inviting me," I whisper, edging closer to him. "That was beautiful."

He chuckles, looking slightly embarrassed. "No, thank you for joining me, really. And I'm sorry for- whatever that was back there-"

My smile disappears as my once sure heart rate picks up. Sorry?

I look down at the cemented pavement. "You mean, for kissing me?"

He looks down at me, shaking his head. My nerves calm slightly. "No, I'm not sorry for that, Genevieve... Should I be?"

"No, no- I was hoping you weren't." I smile wide as he stops by the valet, handing him our ticket. The nervous attendant nods and hurries off.

Tristan turns to me and not caring about the masses of people around us, he raises his hands, settling them below my jaw. I tilt my face upwards, struggling for breath as he lowers his lips onto mine once again. His kiss is gentle and short, but just enough to show me that this is definitely a date.

The valet pulls up in the Porsche, hopping out in a hurry. Tristan smiles, tipping him and helps me into the passenger side.

I sigh, leaning back to ease the strain on my ribs as Tristan starts the car, moving out into the traffic of vehicles.

"Are you cold?" he asks, seeing me shiver.

"I'm- I'm alright."

He turns on the heat, glancing over at me as we inch forward through the traffic. "You wanna listen to anything? I don't know if you'll like anything here but we can turn on the radio."

He presses a button and the Bluetooth hails the music straight from his phone. Steven Tyler's voice comes through the BOSE system and I grin, recognizing Walk This Way.

"Aw, yes! I love this song."


"Of course," I utter, almost matter-of-factly. "Who doesn't like Aerosmith? Anything Rock is good with me. Classic Rock, I mean."

"I never would have pegged you a rocker," he chuckles.

"Looks can be deceiving," I hum, smirking. The car comes to a halt as we witness the reason for the delays- an accident in front of us. I hear him sigh beside me, setting the convertible into park.

"Well, I had hoped we'd get to dinner tonight but it actually seems we'll be stuck here until tomorrow."

I laugh and lay my head back on the rest, staring at him. "I don't mind."

He leans back as well, grabbing my hand on my lap. I look down at our entwined fingers and using my other hand, I run my index finger over the soft ridges of his. The soft rock is the only noise around us for a bit and that's fine.

"You're ridiculously beautiful, Genevieve."

I look up, blushing as I find his eyes already on me, watching me.

"Thank you." I hate how small my voice is. He's exciting every nerve in my body.

"Even more so when you're blushing."

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