Chapter 15

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At the sound of a woman's livid voice, I gasp along with Tristan, turning. I see Casey Mathews in the doorway, her hands outstretched with a look on her face that could kill. Grimacing in pain but unable to care, I dismount him hurriedly, grabbing the throw on the bottom of the bed.

Tristan grabs the pillow from behind him and settles it over himself as his face transforms from shock to rage.

"What the hell are you doing in my house?"

"You're fucking cheating on me!" she shrieks, tears in her eyes. My heart drops to the floor and all the breath in my lungs disappears.

"No, I am not! We are not together anymore!"

"You fucking liar! You goddamn liar! Who is this chick?" She stares at me and her eyes widen. "You. You were fucking with him in Thailand too!"

Tristan stands up, moving to his dresser angrily. I sit frozen, unsure of what to do.

"Get out! What are you still doing here?" she screams at me, pointing her shaking finger at me.

"Don't you dare speak to her that way!" Tristan booms, buttoning his jeans. "I suggest you leave now before I call security and have you escorted out of here for trespassing."

"I'm your goddamn fiancee!"

"No, you are not. How the hell did you get in here?"

She stares at him, wordlessly and he slams his dresser drawer shut.

My speech finally sounds, even if it is small and weak. "I'm going to leave."

"Finally!" she shouts, laughing. Tristan looks at me, shaking his head.

"No, Genevieve. She's leaving."

I stand up, wrapping the sheet tighter around me so it covers everything. My lip betrays me, trembling. "No, no... I'm leaving."

I move forward slowly and stop at the doorway, unable to get by her and she won't move. I stare back at her, meeting her glare.


She steps forward, shaking her head. "You're pathetic... You actually think you belong with him? You're nothing. You're nothing compared to us."

"Get the fuck out, Casey."

She moves to the side just enough that I can get by. I hurry to the living room, grabbing my dress off the floor. Without my bra or underwear, I throw the dress over my shoulders, grimacing as my rib feels like it's popping. Grabbing my flats off the floor with shaking fingers, I grab my purse from the couch and run towards the door.

"Genevieve! Stop!" Tristan grabs my hand, pulling me back. A sob escapes my throat as I pull free from him, grabbing the knob of the door. Shit, it's locked. I gasp, blinded by tears as I try to unbolt the door.

"Please, Genevieve. Don't do this," he whispers behind me, touching my waist. I cower away from him and look up, shaking my head.

"Tristan, let her go," Casey says by the hallway, her voice quiet now.

He presses the button by the door and a deep voice answers.

"I need someone removed from my premises immediately."

He lets go of the button, reaching forward to grab my hand as if that suddenly made everything better. I move back against the door, feeling pathetic.

"Good-goodbye, Tristan."

His face falls as I turn and grab the knob, pulling the door open. I don't bother to shut it. I run forward and begin pressing on the elevator button as many times as I can. It opens almost immediately and I hop in. The security elevator from across the way opens as soon as mine closes. 

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