Chapter 32

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The hard floor is what I feel against my face when I wake up. Opening my eyes, I turn onto my back, groaning slightly. I'm still in my gown and by the headache I have- I realize last night actually did happen.

I lie there and rest my arm over my head, unable to help the wave of depression that falls over me.

I've left Tristan.

I'm unemployed.

And the world thinks I'm a slutty home wrecker- no matter what I say.

My gaze drifts to the window and I see the rain beating down from the heavy clouds. Perfect weather to describe my mood.

I sit up, hearing my body crack in various spots, protesting my night on the ground. I remember crying myself to sleep... I remember it well.

I love you... I love you, Genevieve.


I close my eyes, thinking of the words... Words I should have been so happy to hear.

On my hands and knees, I raise myself off the ground shakily and head to the kitchen for water and Tylenol. My phone is on the counter... A reminder of my sudden unemployment.

I had the job of a fucking lifetime and I lost it... All because I fell in love with a man who wasn't meant for me. 

As usual, love doesn't work out in my favor.

I swallow the pill with the help of Fiji water and reach hesitantly for the device. As I swipe open the screen, I find that I have ten voicemails and twenty texts. I press play and prepare myself.

Genevieve, please. Call me back.

Look, Gen, I know- I know you have to hate me right now. I know your job means everything to you... I'll find a way to fix this. Please, call me back.

I'm getting worried. Just send me something- Something that lets me know you'll be okay tonight.

God dammit, Genevieve.

Gen, you know if I could, I would end this. I'd do everything in my power to fix this for you. I'm trying to handle this and my father and my company and I'm just- scared because- because you mean more than- Ugh.

Please, Gen.

Gen, it's Trisha. What the hell is going on? Call me.

It's three AM. I'm aware you don't want to speak with me but you were hysterical when I left and I'm worried. If you could call me or even send me a text to let me know you're okay, I would appreciate it. I won't even write back... Just please.

It's Andre. The guys at the construction site just showed me a video going around of you and that Tristan guy at an event. Call me back, Genevieve. I'm worried.

Jesus Christ, I'm so mad right now and I don't have a right to be. I'm angry with myself for putting you through this. I'm angry with Casey for holding this shit over my head. I'm angry with my father for forcing me into this situation. I'm so fucking angry... I'd go back in a heartbeat to that day- the night I met you in that bar- I'd go through all that again- everything- if I could change what happened to us... To you. You're so kind and gentle and I don't deserve to have you. But I want to... So desperately... (He laughs) I'm late night rambling... Well morning, I guess. I have a meeting in two hours. I-I love you... I know you don't want me to say it but I have to. I should have said it before and I'm sorry now that I didn't... Bye.

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