Chapter 4

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It's like a flash. I stare, gaping as we zoom by. Am I imagining it?

Not even realizing it, I begin slamming my hand down on the metal as hard as I can. "Stop! Stop please! Stop!"

The people around me stare as I try to stand up. The vehicle comes to a halt, knocking me back down onto my ass. Grimacing, I get up as fast as I can, grabbing the handle to open the hatch.

"Lady! Please!" One man gets out of the passenger seat, shaking his hands back and forth.

I jump down, panicked. "Please. Please, I think I saw someone I know... Just wait two minutes. Please." He stares at me and I grab his arms, shaking him slightly. "Please!"

He nods reluctantly, looking at the injured people in the back of the truck. I take off in a sprint, trying not to fall due to the oversized shoes on my feet. I duck into the forest, frantically searching for the blue.

Pushing away bushes and branches, I gasp, not seeing him.

"Tristan!" I continue running east, gasping for breath. "Tristan!"

I push through the vegetation, freezing suddenly when I see blue... When I see him.

"Tristan!" I screech, running forward. His body is swaying and I quickly realize as I run to him that he's not okay. He isn't even lifting his head. He's just stumbling forward. I run straight into him, clasping him hard enough to push us back a few steps. "Oh god, Tristan."

I pull back, cupping his face, searching his features. He finally looks at me squarely in the eyes and I can see he's trying desperately to focus. I look down, seeing blood covering the shoulder of the crinkled blue shirt. I grab the collar and gently push it back, choking back a gasp.

There is a piece of wood impaled in his shoulder. It's sticking out and I can tell it's becoming infected. I touch his head, feeling a fever.

"Oh god. Tristan, we- we have to go. Can you hear me? We have to hurry... They're going to leave us."

I grab him, wrapping my arm around his stomach. He lets out a low groan, stumbling forward with me.

"Tristan, it's me- Genevieve... Please, we have to hurry."

I grind my teeth together as he leans his weight onto me. We stumble together through the rough terrain back towards the road. I wave, gesturing wildly towards the van that miraculously is still waiting. The man runs to me, his mouth gaped slightly.

"This- this man... I know him. I know him. He's hurt. Please."

"There's no room."


"We can't. He stays here- we come back for him."

"No! No, please! He's hurt! He's barely conscious! We need to take him!"

He looks back at the truck before shaking his head apologetically. I look up at Tristan- his head is dangling down... He's in so much pain. I swallow, scared and look back at the man.

"Let- Please then, take him. Take him and come back for me."


"Take him... You will come back for me?"

He bites his lip hard, running a hand through his hair. He looks exhausted. "You both- get in. Get in."

Relieved tears fill my eyes and I'm grateful when the people in the back of the truck, move closer together, settling children onto their laps to accommodate us. The man helps me with Tristan, setting him down where I was sitting. Breathless, I sit across from him, thanking the man over and over again.

I look at the people around me, nodding. "Thank you. Thank you for waiting."

A couple of them understand me and nod, smiling tiredly. Some of the others look too traumatized to even hear me. I reach forward as the van restarts and we surge forward. I lay a hesitant hand on Tristan's thigh, rubbing.

"Tristan? ... You're going to be okay. I'm here. You're not alone."

He looks up, just barely able to hold contact with me. I smile, unbelievably happy... I never thought I'd be this happy to see someone ever again. My pain is lessened by just how relieved I am to see his dirty blonde hair gleaming in the sunlight, his blue eyes staring at me. The left side of his mouth turns up slightly and I'm finally able to take a breath, calmed. 

A/N: Short one but will update soon! xx

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