Chapter 33

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A/N: Yes, this is short. Will be updating again today. Loving hearing what you guys think! xx

I knock hesitantly on Jessica's door, actually scared shitless.

"Come in!"

I take a deep breath and open it, shutting it firmly behind me. When I turn to look at her, I find her eyes already on me and they're frightening.

"Did you have him come in here to do that? How did he have that information?"

"I had no idea he was even here, Jessica... What information was he talking about?"

"It's none of your business, Genevieve. But it got you back your job so just be happy with that."


"You have a two-week suspension... I suppose he told you that. I have to print a retraction now to the entire museum and board because of this."

"I never meant for any of this to happen but- but I will prove myself again- to you and everyone."

She stares, looking both angry and deflated at the same time. "Alright."


"Hello?" I slam the door shut to the taxi, making my way up my stairs. Thankfully, no one is here.

"Finally you pick up."

I close my eyes, having forgotten she called. "... Trisha. Look I'm sorry. I've just been- going through shit today. I meant to call-"

"Did you? Listen, we used to be close. We didn't hide anything from each other... But you're hiding shit from me."


"I watched those videos and saw you completely take their insults and jabs! I mean, that's not you! Why didn't you defend yourself to them?"

"You know why! I can't come out and necessarily say that I'm crazy about him and that we actually were romantic together! It would destroy him!"

"And why do you care anymore? You're not even together!"

I stay silent, shutting my front door behind me with a thud.

"Gen, just tell me what's going on."

"I-I wish I could... Trisha. I will as soon as I'm able... I promise."

"Alright, whatever."

She hangs up and I close my eyes, checking off another reason why today is so completely fucked up.


When my phone rings again later that night, I stare at it, contemplating whether I can handle speaking to anyone else today. Knowing I can't sit in here and hide from everyone and everything for forever, I reach over and look down at the screen.

Tristan Maddox

My eyebrows curl into each other as I ponder why he would be calling me. I shake my head and set it back down. Within seconds, his name reappears and I huff, grabbing it again.



I sit up straight, not liking the anxiousness in his voice. "Tristan... What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"I'm going to confront Casey... Tonight."

I'm on my feet within seconds. "Tristan- what? No... Your dad."

"... He was just arrested."

I cover my mouth, closing my eyes. "She didn't..."

"No... I did."

Oh my god.


He hangs up and my mouth falls open in shock. Gasping, I reach for my purse and house keys without thinking about any of the consequences. 

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