Chapter 10

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My buzzer rings, sending me into a complete frenzy. I force my blonde locks behind my ears nervously as I observe myself in my mirror. Not wanting to let him in on how nervous I am, I chose jeans and a white blouse, hoping I'm pulling off casual yet still attractive.

I quickly fluff the pillows on my couch before making my way to the buzzer, eyes scanning the room quickly. Alright, everything's clean. Table's set. I press my index finger on the white button, taking a deep breath.


"I come baring mimosa's."

I'm literally beaming. "Ooh, come on up."

Pressing the button next to it, I hear a louder buzz, indicating the door's unlocking. Swallowing, I open the door. I smile widely as I see him climbing the stairs, rather slowly. I move forward, remembering he's probably not supposed to do this much exercise.

I grab his arm, smiling when he looks down at me. "Oh, gosh. I didn't even think about the stairs! I'm sorry."

"I'm alright, Gen, really." He chuckles but doesn't push me away. We get to the top of the stairs and I let go of him, awkwardly.


He grins, handing me two drinks with caps on them. I take them, gesturing him forward. He nods, moving before me into my loft. I close the door, alone with him.

As I set the drinks down on the table, I watch him walk around my apartment, observing the little trinkets that describe me. He chuckles, pointing to a picture on my mantle.

"Is this you?"

I nod, biting my lip awkwardly. It's not one of my most flattering photos ever. I was completely smashed, on my third margarita when this picture was taken by a guy I was seeing. "Yeah. I was in my second year of university... My friend, Tonya, and I were celebrating."


"We made the Dean's list."

He nods, pursing his lips. "I would be celebrating too."

I nod, laughing. "I don't remember a good portion of that night."

He grins, dazzling me. "Tequila will do that to you."

"It's a good memory... She uh- she died not even a month later. Car accident."

He looks from the picture, startled. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be..." I chuckle awkwardly, pushing my hair back from my face. "I actually don't know why I told you."

I've never told anybody about her other than Andre. I gesture to the table. "Shall we eat?"

Shall we? What the hell is wrong with me?

He chuckles, looking completely at ease. I take a seat next to him, uncovering the pancakes.

"I didn't completely make them since I don't know if you don't like whipped cream or maybe you don't like strawberries... you never know. Some people only like syrup-"

Smiling, he watches me panic rather fondly. "Are you nervous?"

I let out a breath, grinning. "Very."


"I don't know." I really don't. I've never been as nervous as when I am with him. "You're not?"

"I'm rarely nervous," he states, depositing a pancake onto my plate before he sets one onto his.

I nod, biting the inner corner of my lip. Maybe this isn't a date? "Well, you're lucky."

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